KODY OVER! Meri Brown Drops Bombshell | Married Again | Congratulations | Sister Wives | TLC

For the past ten years, Mary Brown of Sister Wives has shared her life on camera, but her reception hasn’t always been warm. As the first wife of Cody Brown, she once thought she’d be revered but instead felt sidelined, even discarded, after divorcing Cody so he could legally adopt Robin Brown’s children.

Living in the shadows on the show, Mary has recently announced her comeback with a passion project named “Worthy Up.” Despite teasing various ventures over the years, including a tell-all book and a spa getaway, it seems Mary has finally settled on this project.

In a grand announcement, Mary shared that “Worthy Up” has been in the works for a while and is now ready for fruition. The project aims to create a community focused on transformation and self-discovery, offering a limited lifetime membership starting at $99. Members will have access to exclusive content, including two videos and one ‘tea’ session per month, along with the opportunity to purchase upgraded items.

Fans have been skeptical, questioning Mary’s qualifications to lead such a project. Some have criticized her for monetizing her experiences, while others feel the project lacks authenticity. Despite this, Mary seems determined to create a space where individuals can grow, connect, and inspire one another. Whether “Worthy Up” will live up to its promises remains to be seen.


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