Meri Brown’s Haunted B&B Is Too Scary To Sleep In?

Sister Wives star Meri Brown is embracing a new chapter in life from Kody Brown. She’s not just looking ahead to her future but also her heart into Lizzie’s Heritage Inn in Utah, a cherished property owned by her late mother, Bonnie. Following Bonnie’s passing in 2021, Meri has taken full ownership of the B&B, honoring her mother’s memory.


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However, there’s a spooky twist at the inn. Guests have reported eerie encounters, claiming they’ve witnessed paranormal activities. According to insiders, the presence of ghosts at Meri’s B&B has become a hot topic of discussion. Are these spine-chilling rumors true? Do ghosts actually roam Meri’s B&B?

Sister Wives: Source Claims Meri’s B&B Has ‘Dead People On The Wall’

Shortly after walking out of her marriage with Kody, Meri has shifted her focus to new priorities. She is currently taking care of her B&B, Lizzie’s Heritage Inn. In fact, the property boasts impressive ratings online, with a 4.5-star rating on Google and a full five stars on Tripadvisor and Yelp. It seems things are going well for the Sister Wives star professionally. However, rumors are swirling about ghosts haunting her B&B. Guests have also claimed the place is too scary to sleep in!

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Meri Brown

A source recently dished to TheSun that guests have informed Meri and manager Jenn that “the inn is haunted.” They added, “Like, they would hear spooky noises and claim that ghosts are living there. It’s not like something bad would happen – it’s just a freaky thing and coincidence that dead people are on the wall.”

Guest’s statements likely refer to the portraits of all its previous owners, including Meri’s mother, Bonnie. Notably, the Inn is four generations old. “It is actually creepy to go to sleep in one of the rooms and have a late person’s photo on the wall stare at you,” the publication added. Meri has addressed the ghost rumors in the past.

Responding to a Sister Wives fan question about Lizzie’s Heritage Inn, Meri replied that the place has family-friendly ghosts. She further insisted that she had not seen any yet.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Spots A Ghost At Lizzie’s Heritage Inn!

In October 2023, Meri encountered a real ghost in her inn. It was Halloween, and the Sister Wives star transformed her B&B into a haunted house, adding bat stickers, lanterns, and dummy ghosts to create a spooky vibe. Little did she know, she might also encounter a real ghost! So, while sharing the spooky encounter on Instagram, Meri posted a haunting picture with Jenn.

Both wore witch costumes, but the real scare was a girl in white attire with hair covering her face as she stood in the background. The seeming ghost looked sternly at the camera. Several fans were spooked by Meri’s post. One user wrote, “Downright creepy,” while another added, “Alright Meri! That stuff is scary!!!!!.” A third comment read, “I would shit myself.”

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