MINUTES AGO! NEWS! Robyn Brown’s Daughter Aurora Getting Married!?

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Fans of Sister Wives are buzzing about season 19. While some speculate it will feature Cody and Robyn Brown’s vow renewal, others think it will take a different path. The show is in a tough spot, especially after Garrison Brown’s tragic passing. Some fans find it difficult to watch footage including Garrison, while others are eager to see any new content featuring him.

Filming for the show ends well before the material is aired, so new footage of Garrison is likely available. Some supporters believe it’s time for the show to focus on the children’s lives instead of the recurring marital issues of Robyn, Janelle, Christine, Cody, and Meri Brown. As the children grow and build their own lives, there are many potential storylines to explore.

One potential storyline for season 19 is the marriage of Robyn’s daughter, Aurora. Ever since Aurora introduced a boyfriend in season 18, fans have been speculating about a possible wedding. On Reddit, fans are taking bets on whether Aurora will get married. During a visit to Meri’s house in season 18, Aurora’s relationship was mentioned, fueling more speculation.

Many believe TLC is setting up Robyn to be the mother of the bride, offering Aurora a unique opportunity to shine. Some fans have even imagined a scenario where Cody chooses Aurora’s dress without Robyn’s knowledge, adding to the drama.

Cody Brown has acknowledged that his marriage to Robyn is now shaky. He admits that the public’s criticism has been tough to handle. Despite this, Cody remains committed to advocating for plural marriage and marital freedom. He denies any interest in marrying again unless he can reunite his family.

Christine, Cody’s third wife, left the plural marriage in 2021 and has since found love with David Woolley. Janelle, Cody’s second wife, announced their separation in December 2022, but Cody is unsure if their relationship is entirely over. Cody hopes that time, forgiveness, and grace may lead to reconciliation.

Cody’s marriage to Meri has been in turmoil for seven years, but he remains dedicated to his faith and the principles of plural marriage. Despite the ups and downs, Sister Wives is drawing in its best viewership in ten years. Cody reiterated that he has no interest in taking another wife and is focused on bringing his family back together.

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