“Most Iconic Scene” from 90 Days of Marriage Reveals Big Ed’s Reminiscences About Showering with Rose’s Dad—and a Rat!

The 90 Day Fiancé actress thinks Big Ed has gotten himself into a lot of trouble, but there’s one incident that was very strange.

Season four of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days included an engagement between 59-year-old Big Ed and Rosemarie, a Filipina. As part of his first visit to her house to meet her and her family, he had a “iconic scene” with her father and another unwelcome critter in the shower, which he describes as a highlight of the show.

Big Ed remarked, “Probably the funniest part of this scene, believe it or not, was how much enjoyment Rose was getting in watching me suffer” while viewing a clip of the 2020 episode for “Reality Rewatch” with PEOPLE.

Rose, who was 23 years old, and her father were with him in the video as they showered in the basement of their house. Big Ed was surprised but eventually accepted Rose’s explanation that taking showers together was par for the course in her family.
After what seemed like an eternity, he finally saw a huge rodent in the room’s corner and went into panic mode. “I’m showering with my future father-in-law — and showering with a rat.”

Additionally, I questioned Rose, saying, ‘Is that a rat?’ Then she says, “It’s a mouse,” he goes on to say. “A mouse, in her mind! “Oh my god, if that’s a mouse, we’re in deep trouble.”

At Rose’s family house, he had a moment of realization that he didn’t want to spend another night there.

“Showering with the dad and the rat situation was undoubtedly the most bizarre experience of the entire season. According to what I’ve heard, that sequence from 90 Day Fiancé is the most memorable one in TLC’s history.

Big Ed met Rose for the first time on his journey to the Philippines; he was 31 years older than her, but they eventually became engaged.

There were serious misgivings on his part when he initially laid eyes on her and her family’s dwelling, which was an open-concept house behind their store.

There is no front door—just a curtain of paper CD covers—and everything is open up above. He admitted in a confessional that the entire space was concrete with sheets hung over it to make it feel more cozy. “I had anticipated a decently awful showing, but this is truly appalling.”

They broke up that season for a variety of reasons (including his lying to her about his height, hiding his vasectomy, and asking her to undergo an STD test), but they reconciled virtually during 90 Day Bares All in February 2021 and were able to move on.

Rose had been “helped” by Big Ed “in so many ways,” and she was “happy to accept” his apologies, according to Big Ed.

“I am filled with joy. I am maturing. “I still have a lot to learn, but you admired me and touched my heart – even though it didn’t work out,” he told her, adding, “You changed my life for the better.”

After meeting Liz Brown on The Single Life, he proceeded to propose to her. On the other hand, in the current season of Happily Ever After, the couple ended their engagement before the big day.

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