New Partner! Darcy Drop Bombshell News To Angela & Tom! You Won’t Believe

Michael is not getting deported despite Angela Deem’s split and ongoing drama. Hello lovely viewers, and welcome back to V America, new episode with Lucy. Michael and Angela’s entire journey has been part of the 90-Day Fiancé franchise. Viewers have witnessed all their ups and downs on the show. When Angela claimed her husband scammed her and she would send him back to Nigeria, fans didn’t really believe her. Some eagle-eyed viewers pointed out reasons why Michael can happily live in America. They explain how there is no chance Angela could deport him and drag him to court. Angela lost her calm when Michael accused her of violence and went missing. She announced she would drag him to court and make sure he got deported. However, all her efforts seem to go in vain, as she can’t send him back to Nigeria without solid proof. Michael never forced her to file for the visa process. He wanted to live with Angela in Nigeria, but she made it clear she couldn’t survive there. Angela’s accusations of scamming are hard to prove since everything is on record. Michael also accused Angela of physical violence, and there is a clear record of him facing abuse from her during their marriage. His immigrant civil rights protect him from deportation. Michael entered the U.S. on a spousal visa, which Angela applied for and paid for. This visa allows him to live freely in America until it is valid. Therefore, Angela can’t deport Michael unless she proves he is a scammer. Despite this, Angela continues to slam Michael on social media, making nasty comments and calling out stars supporting him. She isn’t ready to give up and is doing everything in her control to make Michael’s life difficult.

Darcy Silva from “90 Day Fiancé” is known for her numerous surgeries. She has altered her appearance significantly, sparking concern among her audience. Viewers were in disbelief when they saw Darcy flaunting her botched face transplant results. She appeared happy with her new surgery but ended up sparking concern among fans. Darcy has altered almost every inch of her body and remains unsatisfied, often traveling overseas for procedures. A recent cameo video of Darcy left viewers in tears as her appearance was unrecognizable. Despite criticism, Darcy gushes over her look and promotes the clinics that helped her. Fans believe Darcy needs therapy rather than more surgeries. Darcy, along with her sister Stacey, has spent over $20,000 on surgeries to look alike and maintain their youth. They traveled to Turkey for their Barbie makeover and twin transformation. Darcy admitted she wanted everything lifted and opted for various treatments, including butt lifts, lip lifts, nose lifts, boob lifts, laser lip procedures, and Brazilian butt implants. Regular Botox sessions are also part of her routine. However, viewers feel that Darcy’s obsession with surgery needs treatment.

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