New Season Update! Kody Brown’s new wife Reveal ! Robyn Brown Crying! sister wives: season 19! 2024

One of TLC’s longest-running programs, Sister Wives, debuted in 2010 with Kody, Meri, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn. Fans eagerly anticipate each season, knowing the cast well. Last season was a whirlwind of emotions with Janelle and Meri abandoning Kody after Christine’s departure, leading to family discord. Robyn and Kody also faced monogamy challenges as Robyn chose not to add more spouses. Adjusting to these changes was tough for everyone.

Fans are anxiously awaiting the release date for the next season. While no official news has been released, Kody’s nephew, Benjamin Brown, revealed on TikTok that Season 19 might premiere earlier than usual, possibly in August. Benjamin, who critiques the show for not portraying true polygamy, believes the upcoming season might get canceled due to the extensive coverage needed for the Brown family’s evolving dynamics.

In December 2023, Sister Wives concluded its previous season with a four-part tell-all. Fans are eager to watch the Browns’ next chapter. Despite the breakups, Kody remains faithful to Robyn. Christine, content with her new life, hinted on social media about family gatherings in the upcoming season. Her daughter, Mykelti Padron, revealed that Christine’s dating experiences with David Woolley will be featured, allowing fans to see how their relationship began.

Christine recently asked her supporters for assistance during her travels with David and her teenager. She sought fun car games and road trip activities on Instagram, receiving numerous recommendations, such as alphabet games, podcasts, license plate bingo, and audiobooks. Fans eagerly await more of the Brown family’s journey in the upcoming season of Sister Wives.

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