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On social media at the moment, Sister Wives fans are enjoying themselves by trashing Robyn Brown’s obsession with Kody Brown. Not that it’s unusual, but this time, they look back at the early seasons and find things to mock that they might have previously missed.

Robyn Brown Got TLC Fans Irritated

More than once, Kody brown’s fourth wife got slammed for things that she did in the early seasons of the show. There was a lie about the ring. TLC fans grew irritated with her when she denied Kody wore a ring when he dated her. But he did. In fact, it was Meri Brown’s ring.

Kody Brown And Robyn Courtship Sister Wives TLC
Kody Brown And Robyn Courtship Sister Wives TLC

Sticking with jewelry, Sister Wives fans recently rediscovered the bracelet that she wore in very early seasons. It had a K medallion on it, which obviously stood for “Kody.” Robyn Brown was slammed for that. Clearly, she made up her mind that she wanted him and went full-on to get him. Remember the time she took an old photo of her kids and placed Kody in the family portrait as if he’d always been their dad?

The Necklace That Sister Wives Fans Spotted

Following on from the bracelet with the K, a TLC fan took to Reddit and talked about the necklace that Robyn Brown wore in Season 1, Episode 2. Actually, the light reflecting off it makes it look a bit like an A, but it was actually a K. As it seemed a bit of a juvenile thing to do for many people, TLC fans were not kind to Robyn.

Robyn Brown's K on a necklace via Reddit
Robyn Brown’s K on a necklace via Reddit

The OP who shared their opinion about Robyn Brown’s necklace also having a K on it, snarked:

TLC Fans React Mockingly To Obsession

In the comments section, Sister Wives fans pulled Kody Brown’s only remaining wife apart. Here are some of their reactions:

  • She probably thinks it’s spelled Kheavenly Father.
  • Well Robyn declared Kody to be her ‘soul mate’ from the very first episode so yeah the initial jewelry tracks.
  • Two questions: 1. What grade are these people in? 2. Wouldn’t it be cheaper to simply brand her?
  • That’s for teenagers to do.
  • A necklace and a bracelet! Oh no 🤭
  • The “engagement ring” was her “promise string” 😂
  • SHOPYN ☠️👏🏼

What are your thoughts about TLC fans mocking Robyn Brown because of her necklace and her bracelet? Sound off in the comments below and come back here often for all your Sister Wives news.

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