Nicole HARASSES MAHMOUD TO TEARS | 90 Day Fiance (HEA Ep. 8)

In the latest episode of ’90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After,’ viewers witnessed a troubling altercation between Nicole and Mahmud. After Nicole kicked Mahmud out of her house, she later realized the danger of him being alone on the streets at night and went out to find him. However, her approach was aggressive, with Nicole repeatedly harassing Mahmud to get in the car, even physically shoving him towards it.

This behavior is concerning, as it shows a lack of empathy and understanding on Nicole’s part. Despite Mahmud’s clear discomfort and attempts to explain his feelings, Nicole continued to blame him for their issues and dismiss his emotions. This kind of behavior can be considered emotionally abusive, as it seeks to control and manipulate the other person’s feelings.

Mahmud, visibly overwhelmed and confused, eventually agreed to get in the car, highlighting the power dynamics at play in their relationship. The episode ended with Nicole and Mahmud agreeing to take some time apart to think about their relationship.

This incident sheds light on the importance of recognizing and addressing toxic behavior in relationships. It is essential to listen to your partner, respect their boundaries, and seek help if you feel overwhelmed or unsafe. Communication and empathy are key to building healthy relationships, and both Nicole and Mahmud have a lot to reflect on as they navigate their future together.

Nicole HARASSES MAHMOUD TO TEARS | 90 Day Fiance (HEA Ep. 8)

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