OMG! Police Confirm Kody & Robyn Responsble For Garrison Death, Heartbreaking!!

The tragic death of Garrison Brown, son of Janelle and Kody Brown from “Sister Wives,” has left fans and family devastated. The Flagstaff police released an audio clip of Garrison, who took his own life in March 2024, revealing the heartbreaking details of his struggles. Despite occasional appearances on the show, Garrison wasn’t a regular on “Sister Wives,” but his presence was impactful. His roommate revealed that he was struggling with drinking and mental health issues, shedding light on his unseen struggles. The Brown family, including Janelle, Cody, Robyn, Christine, and Mary, have united in grief, despite their past differences. Fans, however, have been harsh towards Cody and Robyn, criticizing them online despite their mourning. Cody, especially, has faced backlash, with fans blaming him for family issues and not acknowledging his grief over Garrison’s death. Despite the ongoing filming of “Sister Wives” season 19, the family continues to deal with the aftermath of Garrison’s passing. Cody’s attempts to repair his reputation have been unsuccessful, with fans continuing to criticize him and Robin. The family’s pain and grief are palpable, and the support of fans, rather than blame, could help them navigate this difficult time.

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