Rob & Liv Make Leah CRY (Love Island) Ariana Grande, Canned Green Beans

Welcome back to my thoughts! It’s your girl Po, introducing a brand-new segment on my channel. I’m still deciding on the name, but some of your suggestions have been amazing. This segment will cover trending topics, internet happenings, social media drama, reality TV, and more—basically, whatever I feel like discussing. Some of your name suggestions include Potito Time (adorable!), My Thoughts for My Thoughts, Thought Tuesdays (cute, but I probably won’t post on Tuesdays), Rehash (my favorite so far), and Random Rehab.

I’m using my phone for the first time instead of my laptop, so if my eyes wander, that’s why. These videos will be podcast-style, with minimal editing to post them quickly. I’ll add visuals as needed, but it’ll mostly be me talking. If this isn’t your type of content, feel free to skip these segments.

Without further ado, let’s get into today’s Random Rehash! Story number one: Ariana Grande is in hot water. On a podcast with Penn Badgley, she mentioned she’d like to have dinner with Jeffrey Dahmer. This comment has been condemned by Shirley Hughes, the mother of one of Dahmer’s victims, who feels Grande glamorized the serial killer. The backlash is intense, and many are calling for Grande to apologize.

Moving on, I found a bizarre story on TikTok. A TikToker, @miss.margaritaville, discovered a strange object in her can of green beans. She thinks it might be a necrotized finger! After contacting the FDA and the company, she had to dig it out of the trash to send it for testing. I’m following her account for updates on this mystery.

Next, an article from Daily Mail features Isa Adams, a content creator from Toronto, who exposes herself in public as a nod to gender equality. While some praise her, others find it inappropriate. Isa argues that nudity should be normalized, but it’s causing quite a stir.

Now, let’s talk about Love Island, episode 15. Nicole (I call her iCarly) is mad at Kendall for exploring other options, even though she told him she wanted to get to know someone else. Serena pranked Cordell about making out with Nigel, and Cordell’s reaction was heartbreaking. I have a huge crush on Cordell and hope he finds happiness. Another contestant, a 24-year-old bombshell, claimed he was ready to settle down, but no one believed him.

Lastly, Leah broke up with Connor, stating she needs therapy and he’s too good for her. The preview for the next episode hints at Casa Amor, but with only one strong couple, Kaylor and Aaron, it’s too soon. We need more solid couples before bringing in Casa Amor drama.

That’s it for Random Rehash. Thank you for watching! Let me know your thoughts in the comments, and I’ll talk to you in the next one. Bye!

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