Robyn Drops Shocking Secret! Janelle Brown Caught by Robyn When Cheating with Kody! Sister Wives tlc

Janelle Brown, star of “Sister Wives,” revealed her frustration with Robyn Brown, who claimed to be the best wife to support Janelle’s kids during a task when TLC cameras weren’t filming. Janelle felt they managed perfectly well before Robyn arrived. This incident is one of several where Janelle and the other wives have discussed their issues with Robyn. Initially, Janelle, Christine, and Mary praised Robyn for her communication skills with Kody. However, this praise seems to have gone to her head.

Janelle became concerned when she overheard Robyn telling her kids that she would be there to talk to their father because she “speaks Kody.” This self-appointed role as Kody’s translator began to affect the daily lives of Janelle’s children, leading fans to voice their opinions on social media, finding Robyn’s claim ludicrous. Over the seasons, Robyn often mentioned her unique understanding of Kody, and for a while, the other wives appeared to agree. However, Janelle and Christine have since spoken out, no longer endorsing Robyn’s supposed ability to “speak Kody.”

Janelle and Christine’s perspectives have shifted, and they now reject the idea that Robyn has a special connection with Kody. Despite this, Mary Brown continues to believe in Robyn’s unique bond with Kody and supports her role as his interpreter. Janelle and Christine’s frustration highlights the ongoing tension within the Brown family, as they navigate their complex relationships and family dynamics.


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