‘Seeking Sister Wife’ Dannielle Merrifield Unveils New Business Venture

Dannielle Merrifield-YouTube

Seeking Sister Wife star Dannielle Merrifield has unveiled her new business venture. It is unclear if her husband, Garrick Merrifield is involved but it does have some of him sprinkled all over it. So, what is she doing with her life now? Keep reading for more details.

Seeking Sister Wife Dannielle Merrifield Unveils New Business Venture

Season 5 of Seeking Sister Wife ended interestingly for the Merrifield family. Their romance with Nathalia Lima came to a screeching halt with her spewing allegations against Garrick Merrifield. She claimed that he wanted total submission. Plus, she did not like that he and Dannielle Merrifield invited potential sister wife, Mariam to stay with them while Nathalia was still in Brazil. So, she ended it. Mariam also did not work out as they had hoped so they were back to square one. Fortunately, Dannielle was pregnant so there was that light at the end of the tunnel.

Dannielle Merrifield, Garrick Merrifield-YouTube
Dannielle Merrifield, Garrick Merrifield-YouTube

At the end of the season finale, it was revealed that they had found someone new from Brazil, she had been baptized by Garrick, and they were working on a visa for her. In the meantime, Dannielle and Garrick welcomed their baby girl, who is now one. Additionally, Dannielle has started her own business and ventured somewhat away from Merrifield Custom Builders. She launched Light Of The Eye Candle Co. and the timing she felt inspired to start this journey is interesting. It aligns with when Garrick seemingly shared he wanted to explore polygamy and bring in more wives.

Reddit thread was started upon learning about Dannielle Merrifield’s new venture. So, what did followers think about it? Were they impressed or skeptical of what she was doing? It seems that she has a good business plan but fans may not agree:

  • $48 for a 4 pack of tea light candles. Gtfo with that silliness.😂
  • Why do these TLC trash TV stars always want to start a business and then charge an outrageous amount for the cheap crap. This gives me Sister Wives Closet vibes.
  • What is a “for profit non profit”?????

A Lot Of Confusion

Dannielle Merrifield genuinely seemed to be passionate about her candles when it came to the company’s mission statement. Yet, followers did not like the typos and spelling errors plus the insanely high prices. It is also billed as luxury but some did not get that same vibe upon viewing the shopping page. Finally, the fact that she brought scripture into it all was a tad off but very on-brand for the Seeking Sister Wife star. Time will tell if she will listen to what people are saying and make the proper adjustments. For now, Dannielle is trying something new and maybe it will be what she needs to soothe her soul.

What do you think of Dannielle’s new venture? Is it something you’d be interested in trying or are you steering clear? Let us know in the comments below.

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