‘Seeking Sister Wife’ What Ultimately Took Down Snowden Family?

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What ultimately took down the Snowden family from the first three seasons of Seeking Sister Wife? They had two marriages and seemed to really embrace the women who came into their lives. So, what went wrong? Keep reading for more details.

Seeking Sister Wife What Ultimately Took Down Snowden Family?

Ashley and Dimitri Snowden first appeared in the premiere season of TLC’s Seeking Sister Wife. They were a spiritually united couple looking to add to their family. Unfortunately, things did not work out so well the first time around but they kept pushing on. In Season 2, they returned and had a new lady, Vanessa Cobbs who was new to polygamy. Their kids took to Vanessa quite quickly and she even changed her diet completely plus abstained until the diet cleanse was complete. She then moved to California with the couple and had a spiritual marriage to Dimitri. By the end of the tell-all, she had left the couple but the Snowdens had found two new women to court.

Christeline Petersen/Instagran
Christeline Petersen-Instagram

Tayler Middleton and Christeline Petersen came in but, when they got locked down due to the pandemic, it was too much. Tayler left but South African Christeline stayed with her two daughters and legally married Dimitri. As the season was airing, allegations of domestic abuse came out. She filed a TRO against him, claiming he slammed her head into the headboard. Additionally, Christeline noted that Ashley put her hands on her to prevent her from leaving. Vanessa Cobbs and another ex stepped up to create a GoFundMe as Christeline went into hiding.

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Their mission was to help her rebuild and move on with her life. As this was going on, alleged shady dealings done by Dimitri emerged, and Ashley soon left him. It did appear he had nothing and was living on the streets but he and Christeline were sadly still married. They have since divorced and it seems that he and Ashley have reconciled. However, they were done with Seeking Sister Wife after more and more allegations about Dimitri and his wrongdoings emerged.

Why Now?

Why has the past of Seeking Sister Wife come into the present? Sometimes, fans are curious about what happened to former cast members. A Reddit thread was just started wondering what went down with the Snowden family. The OP asked this:

  • What caused the Snowdens downfall? Im watching season 2-3 for the first time so i searched their name on this sub to see where they are at now and saw posts of the ex sister wife allegations. I also saw a screenshot of an email where Dimitri states he is homeless. When did it all go down south? They seemed to live comfortably. Someone fill me in please

So, that is why all of the chatter about what transpired began. Were other viewers in the know?

  • Going on TV. All the skeletons fell out of the closet and started dancing.
  • Search them in the sub. Apparently they’re abusive crooks
  • That happened awhile ago I seen on Instagram him and his wife are back together after she so called left him after these allegations and she went right back to him he’s no longer homeless

The homeless part was a bit confusing for everyone and it did not make sense at the time. Yet, they did appear to reconcile though they do not update their social media so where they stand now is unknown.

Did you know what happened to the couple or were you in the dark, as well? Let us know in the comments below.

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