Shameful!!😭 Kody Brown And Aurora | Today’s Very Shocking News | It Will Shock You

The recent surfacing of a photo showing Cody Brown, from the TV show “Sister Wives,” kissing his stepdaughter Brianna on the lips has ignited controversy among fans. The image, taken during their time in Las Vegas, where the family previously lived, shows Cody embracing Brianna, who was then a preteen, in a manner that fans find unsettling. This incident has reignited discussions about Cody’s close relationships with Robin Brown’s daughters, Aurora and Brianna.

Fans have expressed shock over the photo, especially noting that Cody has not been seen kissing any of his biological children on the lips. Some fans find it strange that Cody would kiss Brianna and Aurora, who are not his biological children, in this manner, especially considering that he has only been in their lives for a relatively short time.

Cody’s relationships with his stepdaughters have been scrutinized in the past. During Season 14 of “Sister Wives,” there was a scene where Cody was filmed carrying Aurora, then 17, to her bedroom during a panic attack. Robin described the situation, explaining that Aurora experiences episodes where she cannot talk or walk, and Cody was heard whispering to her as he comforted her.

In a more recent episode, Cody was seen crying because he missed Aurora, who was quarantining in the basement due to a COVID outbreak. This emotional display has sparked criticism from fans, especially in contrast to Cody’s son Gabe, from his second wife Janelle, who sobbed in an interview while recalling Cody forgetting his birthday.

Fans have taken to social media to express their thoughts on the situation, with many questioning Cody’s behavior and the dynamics within the family. Some fans have criticized Cody for seeming to prioritize his relationship with Aurora over his other children, pointing out the disparity in his emotional reactions towards them.

Overall, this controversy has shed light on the complexities of the Brown family dynamics and has sparked discussions about parenting, step-parenting, and favoritism within blended families.

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