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Robyn Brown is reflecting on the time that signaled the start of the polygamous Brown family’s demise as her relationships with Kody Brown ended. The Sister Wives star thought back on her previous sister wives, Meri, Janelle, and Christine Brown, and the resulting family disintegration. The 45-year-old told People, “I believe it began when we were in Las Vegas.”

Robyn highlighted the changes that transpired when their individual children started living independently and leaving their homes. Instead of focusing on their relationships with Kody, their focus shifted to kids who had left home to live their lives. According to Robyn, the other spouses stopped focusing on their connections with each other and their marriages to Kody, especially during holidays and other similar events.

The family split apart in Las Vegas, and things worsened when they moved to Flagstaff, Arizona. The four wives weren’t in each other’s lives as regularly and became separated geographically. This separation made them feel more independent and made it easier to avoid spending time with each other.

Working out their future housing plan, which included whether to live in one home or build separate homes, revealed many issues. Robyn noted that problems from their past began to surface. Prior to her arrival in the family, there were ongoing problems around cohabitation and discussions about it.

The COVID-19 pandemic brought about a perfect storm in all of the relationships. The family wasn’t as cohesive, and there was disagreement among them over how to approach the pandemic. Robyn further asserted that the disagreements were influenced by Kody’s age. She mentioned that as people age, they may start to become more independent and question if they still want the same things from their relationships.

After 25 years of spiritual marriage, Christine and Kody declared their divorce in November 2021. Christine went on to marry David Woolley in October the following year. In December 2022, Janelle also ended her relationship with Kody, followed by Meri a month later.

Cody was seen cuddling up with his sole surviving wife, Robyn Brown. Days later, they were spotted together in Flagstaff. The couple, who have two biological children together, were photographed entering a school, likely for a meeting about one of their kids.

Christine’s wedding didn’t include Kody, Robyn, or Meri. Janelle and her kids attended the event. Robyn mentioned that the disagreements among the wives and Kody’s age contributed to the family’s dissolution. Cody believes that Christine had to ruin his character in the eyes of David Woolley to move on from their spiritual marriage.

Despite the family’s challenges, Cody hopes Christine made a wise choice and is happy with her new life. Cody remains married to Robyn, his fourth wife. David Woolley, Christine’s new husband, acknowledged Cody’s difficulties in raising a large family but noted that he wouldn’t behave the same way.

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