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Sister Wives star Meri Brown hasn’t given up on the idea of love even after having a failed platonic marriage. She again jumped back into the dating realm and was eager to find her soul mate. Hence, viewers were curious to know more about her relationship status when wedding rumors started to surface on the internet.

Many sources started to claim that Meri had walked down the aisle for the second time. They even shared proofs of it. Though Meri didn’t respond to any of them initially, she recently decided to talk about it. The celeb finally cleared the air and revealed if she had actually exchanged vows for the second time or not. What did she say?

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Reveals If She Has Married Again Or Not

Sister Wives star Meri Brown has been in the headlines because of her Worthy Up business these days. She launched her own brand and has been busy promoting it on social media. However, the celeb recently took to Instagram and revealed that she became the talk of the town not because of her business but because of her “four” marriages.


Meri shared a collage that had four different edited pictures of her wedding. It featured her wearing the wedding gown and posing with four men as her groom. The celeb couldn’t stop laughing and wrote in her caption, “apparently I also got married! Four times!.” She added, “And I’m sure there’s more to come!.”

Meri then made it clear that all of these were merely speculations and that she hadn’t walked down the aisle. She stated that she was “BUSY” all this while. The lone wolf even motivated her viewers to keep working on their dreams and do something every day that makes them come closer to their goals. Meri concluded her caption with laughing emojis, “Even if you want to get married four times in a week, do it!.”

Sister Wives: What Is Meri Brown’s Relationship Status? Is She Dating Again?

Meri Brown’s toxic and failed marriage was a part of the Sister Wives shows. Viewers saw everything that she had to undergo. Yet the celeb didn’t give up and jumped back into the dating realm. Meri introduced Amos to the world and appeared to be head over heels in love with him. However, her relationship was a short-lived one and she had to part ways because of various reasons.

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After all this, it appears that Meri is currently single and is perhaps looking for the love of her life. During a recent live session, she confirmed that she had gone on a few dates with different men, but the celeb stated that she hadn’t been dating yet. Hence, it appears that she hasn’t found the right one yet, while marriage rumors still surround her on the internet.

Till then, Meri is merely focusing on expanding her career. She is busy with her new business and is hinting at many more big things to come. Hence, it is clear that the lone wolf’s priority is her professional life, and she is burning the midnight oil for it.

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