SHOCK – Kody Brown Wanted To Marry A MINOR Girl?!

Kody Brown and his partners became popular due to Sister Wives. Their story on TLC began when they had added Robyn, i.e., the fourth wife, into their family. But things began to go downhill for them. Everyone could see through the polygamist’s bias. At last, the time came, and Christine, Jenelle, and Meri dumped him after years of dealing with unfairness.


Now, Kody and Robyn are trying to focus on being a monogamous couple. Meanwhile, Christine has already tied the knot with her new husband, David Woolley. At the same time, Janelle and Meri are embracing their lives as single ladies after many, many years. In all this, another concerning thing from the past has come in the limelight. Fans are disgusted after this reveal from Kody’s courting history!

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Wanted To Marry A Much Younger & Minor Girl? Fans Disgusted!

It’s been almost a year since Sister Wives fans saw Kody, Robyn, Jenelle, Christine, and Meri on screen. In the last season, all of them had dumped him except his fourth wife and moved on to better things. Ever since the show began, viewers have not looked up to Kody. They instead bash him for mistreating his wives often.

As per the Brown family’s book Becoming Sister Wives, fans discovered something disturbing from the past. On Reddit, a fan shared an excerpt from the book. It had Christine expressing jealousy over Kody marrying a younger girl. The passage said how the polygamist and his first wife, Meri, courted a young girl. They decided to wait until she was 18 to marry her, but it didn’t work out.

Sister Wives

The Redditor clarified that there wasn’t much age difference, as Kody himself must have been 21 or 22 years old at that time. But the fact that he was willing to wait for a minor girl to turn 18 gave major “red flag vibes.” Sister Wives viewers agreed with this perspective. Some gave a neutral take on this by saying it is quite common in Mormon culture to do so.

Sister Wives: Fans Doubtful About Kody Redeeming Himself In The Upcoming Season!

Sister Wives fans have seen Kody Brown stooping lower and lower with every new season of the show. When Christine, Janelle, and Meri left him, not only did he blame them, but he also began blaming Robyn, the only one who stood by him. After seeing this, viewers were sure that there wasn’t a chance for him to mend his ways; it was too late.


Sister Wives

As Father’s Day passed in the month of June, viewers realized how Kody didn’t get a single wish from any of his kids. So, they suspected that things between him and the kids were still as stained as ever. So, based on this, they again expected that the polygamist would still be his usual notorious self in the upcoming season.

Kody’s nephew had also revealed some predictions about the upcoming season. He said that it will most likely be released in August 2024. Are you excited to see them back on screens? Tell us in the comments below.


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