Natalie finds herself in a challenging situation, feeling the burden of paying $2,000 per month for rent without a job. She expresses frustration, feeling it’s unfair given her circumstances as a Ukrainian girl.

Despite not considering Natalie his girlfriend, Josh is financially supporting her, leading to accusations of him being her “sugar daddy.” Natalie is caught in a dilemma, expecting support from Josh but also wanting to maintain her independence.

The relationship between Natalie and Josh is complex, with mixed signals and unclear boundaries. They have a history of being on and off for three years, yet Josh has never expressed love for Natalie or introduced her to his daughter.

Natalie’s behavior, described as demanding and needy by Josh’s friends, adds to the confusion. She struggles to find employment in LA and feels alone, but her actions, like being unprofessional at a job interview, hinder her progress.

Tension escalates when Josh’s colleagues confront him about his financial support for Natalie. Natalie misunderstands a comment about “sugar daddy vibes,” leading to a heated exchange and emotional outburst.

Ultimately, the relationship appears to be at a standstill, with both parties wanting different things. Josh is not ready for a serious commitment, while Natalie seeks a stable future with him. Their future remains uncertain, with unresolved issues and miscommunication plaguing their relationship.


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