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Kody Brown and his relationship with his wives have been strained for years. Similarly, he doesn’t actively take part in maintaining them. Apart from that, Papa Brown loves being with Robyn and her kids. Hence, the fans have seen pretty much of his connections with the fourth wife’s kids. The Sister Wives celeb even ridiculed Christine that her kids do not respect him like Robyn’s. Well, Kody has his favorites, and it seems like he is way more connected with Aurora than any other kid. So, tune in to know what is happening under the noses.

Sister Wives: What’s OFF Between Kody And Aurora?

Life for Kody Brown has come to a point where he no more wishes to put effort into his family. Once, a Brown member tried to dedicate all his emotions and feeling to the brood. However, when the fourth wife joined the clan, her children and happiness became Kody’s priority. He has always been chirpy and ready to do anything for Dayton, Breanna, Aurora, and Solomon. Therefore, his actions have shed light on the Brown kids that their father does not receive them well. Though Kody’s behavior is not acceptable, TLC fans still cut him some slack.

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Meanwhile, a news source says that once Kody called Aurora Brown “Mrs. Brown” in an interview. Learning that the Sister Wives audience is going crazy over the fact. However, he corrected it to “Miss Brown” immediately. But, his slip of the tongue has led the viewers to believe that the father-daughter bond is more than what society asks for. The TLC fans on Reddit have mentioned incidents where they felt Aurora might have crossed boundaries while beside her step-father Kody Brown. One such incident was when she went on interviews and was chirping happily. The audience believes that Aurora craves attention, and that is why do such giddy acts.

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Moreover, one user mentioned that they saw Robyn’s daughter embracing Kody with a hug in an episode. However, the hug seemed over-familiar and indiscriminately affectionate. Therefore, these incidents make the fans cringe at the thought they do not want to think. Apart from this, once Kody Brown carried the teenager to her room. Likewise, another example was when Kody asked Aurora to look into his eyes. These theories might make some sense to a few people.

Yet, TV Season & Spoilers does not support such assumptions.

Sister Wives: Fans Feel That Aurora Craves Kody’s Attention Like Mother Robyn

Talking about the father-daughter relationship, some people think that Aurora might be having some time adjusting to the new household. And Aurora’s such behavior could be because Robyn has painted Kody as the knight and shining armor. Similarly, one fan pointed out that Aurora gets panic attacks, and sometimes it gets harder for her to walk. Therefore, Kody picking or carrying her up could be out of the concern, and he could be trying to help his daughter. Another batch of the viewers suggested that Robyn has forced her kids to accept the Brown family. They hinted that Dayton is very logical towards it.

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But, when it comes to Aurora, she’s exactly like her mother. Hence, her close connection and actions related to Kody could result from craving attention and being like Robyn. However, many people did not accept such theories and mentioned what they found wrong in Kody and Aurora’s relationship dynamic. The same people claimed that they have often found a weird vibe from the family mentioned above members. Well, what do you think about this? Do you also agree with the off connection between Aurora and papa Brown? Tell us in the comments below. And stay tuned to TV Season & Spoilers.


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