Sister Wives 2024 Update: Christine Brown’s Memorial Day Plans Show! She Changed Since Leaving Kody

“Sister Wives” star Christine Brown shared her unique plans for Memorial Day weekend, highlighting just how much her life has changed since divorcing Kody Brown. Christine’s life has undergone a dramatic transformation since she ended her relationship with Kody and left polygamy behind. She is now embracing her adventurous side with her new husband, David Woolley. In a playful video on her Instagram, Christine expressed her excitement about their upcoming travel plans.

Christine left Kody in 2021. Despite initial reservations about dating again, she soon met David, and they quickly fell in love. The couple married in 2023. Since then, Christine has been keeping her social media followers updated on her many exciting adventures with David. She appears happier than ever, and her latest plans with David are another example of the fun-filled life they share.

Christine revealed on Instagram that she and David will be spending Memorial Day weekend at a NASCAR race. They are attending the Coca-Cola 600 in Charlotte. She mentioned that their preparations include bringing headgear and coolers, and she joked that all they need now is a way to meet driver Kyle Larson. In another video, Christine wore a racing shirt as she and David danced playfully. She shared hashtags like #newexperiences and #goshilovemylife. The couple is clearly enthusiastic about their upcoming trip.

Christine has joined David in other adventurous activities throughout their relationship. She frequently shares photos of them riding ATVs in Moab, Utah, and they have also traveled to New York and Europe. In a 2023 post, Christine wrote, “I love having a partner to go on these fun new adventures with.” Christine appears thrilled about her experiences with David. Attending a NASCAR race is a fitting next step for the couple as they enjoy newlywed life and discover new hobbies.

During her marriage to Kody, Christine’s lifestyle was much more reserved. Although she has always been blunt and bubbly, the conservative views of the Sister Wives family often required her to rein in her adventurous side. The logistics of plural marriage also stifled Christine’s outspoken personality, as discussions with her sister wives forced her to remain quiet to avoid drama. As her marriage to Kody deteriorated, Christine began to show more of her spirited side. She started going against Kody’s wishes, such as traveling during COVID and pursuing scoliosis surgery for their daughter, Isabel Brown.

Christine also distanced herself from her former religion. The Brown family adhered to the teachings of the Apostolic United Brethren, a Mormon branch that encourages polygamy. This created a patriarchal family dynamic where Kody was in charge of his four wives: Christine, Meri, Janelle, and Robyn. These family dynamics limited Christine’s independence. In recent years, Christine confirmed that she is no longer part of the religion and no longer believes in polygamy. Breaking away from a restrictive church allowed Christine to find independence, the courage to stand up to Kody, and a new romance with David.

NASCAR is often associated with rambunctious crowds and heavy drinking. The Browns did not consume alcohol due to their faith, but since leaving her religion, Christine has been seen drinking. It is hard to imagine Christine attending a NASCAR race during her marriage to Kody. Her comment about bringing coolers is a nod to the freedom she now has to enjoy her time at the racetrack as she pleases.

Considering Christine shared Kody with three other women, their quality time together was limited. Kody was stretched thin between four households and 18 children. While Christine and Kody occasionally enjoyed activities such as paintball during their time on “Sister Wives,” Christine never felt prioritized in her marriage with Kody. Missing so much of Christine’s everyday life, the time they intentionally spent together felt forced as the couple grew further apart.

By sharing her weekend plans with David, including a video of the two of them joking around together, Christine shows just how close a bond she has with her new husband. Having a monogamous relationship allows Christine to travel, discover new hobbies, and spend uninterrupted one-on-one time with her spouse. While she can sometimes appear over the top, Christine is giddy with the happiness that comes from being valued and heard in her relationship. This gives her the incentive to explore new activities with David, even one like NASCAR that seems out of character for her during her marriage to Kody.

Christine missed out on the self-exploration typical of young adulthood. Now, she and David are finding new ways to have fun, and her Memorial Day plans show just how excited she is to enjoy life. Christine has evolved significantly since the early seasons of “Sister Wives,” and she has discovered that she can have both freedom and quality time with her husband.

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