Sister Wives! Brown Family Drop Bombshell Shocking News About Kody’s Exes! It Will Shock You

Welcome to my 2s Gossip Channel, lovely viewers! Since the 2010 premiere of Sister Wives, Cody Brown has been at the heart of the Brown family’s dissolution. Ironically, when they debuted on TV, they appeared as a picture-perfect family, all living together in a large Utah home with multiple wings designed for each wife. However, everything changed in Season 1 when Cody married his fourth wife, Robyn Brown, and moved the family to separate homes in Nevada.

With four wives and 18 children, Cody struggled to give everyone enough attention, which led to resentment. His marriage with Robyn was different; he enjoyed spending time with her more than with his other wives, creating a visible divide. This preferential treatment was clear when Cody and Robyn shopped for her wedding dress together, despite the other wives initially helping her pick one.

Cody’s focus on Robyn continued, especially after they had two children, leading to his neglect of his other wives. This neglect hit Christine Brown the hardest. After 26 years of marriage, Christine left Cody in 2021. Following her departure, Janelle Brown left in 2022 after 29 years, and Meri Brown also exited the marriage later that year after 32 years together.

With Sister Wives Season 19 on the horizon, Cody finds himself in an accidental monogamous marriage with Robyn, barely speaking to his other children. The wedding rings that once symbolized the family’s bond now signify its breakdown. Initially, the show’s opening sequence featured five intertwined rings, but this graphic was updated to show the rings falling as Cody’s marriages disintegrated.

Cody’s disregard for his wives was mirrored in his treatment of their wedding rings. For instance, Cody melted down his wedding ring from Meri, a move that deeply hurt her. Additionally, during the filming of Sister Wives Season 18, Meri noticed Cody wearing a new ring, which he dismissed as none of her business. This blatant disregard ultimately led Meri to leave, resulting in Cody and Robyn becoming monogamous.

Throughout the years, Cody and Robyn have flaunted their relationship, making it evident that Robyn is in control. Cody’s focus shifted entirely to Robyn, neglecting his other marriages and children. This preference led to the breakdown of his relationships with Meri, Janelle, and Christine. Robyn’s influence over Cody became apparent as he alienated his other wives, ultimately choosing to prioritize his relationship with Robyn.

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