‘Sister Wives’ Christine Brown & Hubby Take New Baby On Excursion

Sister Wives star Christine Brown is back with new updates with her husband, David Woolley. The married couple has been thriving in Utah. They even put up an Airbnb, and many people commend them for the positivity they bring online. The 52-year-old mom has also adapted to David’s adventurous personality. But what caught the attention of many was her latest excursion with their new baby. Keep reading to see her exciting posts.


Christine Brown From Sister Wives, TLC, Sourced From @christine_brownsw Instagram

Sister Wives: How Are Christine Brown & David Woolley Today?

Christine has been keeping her followers in touch about her life in Utah. Just like most family members, the Sister Wives star is also on a healing journey following the tragic passing of Garrison Brown. Christine likes to share clips and pictures from her workout routines as well. She’s been on a weight loss journey for years, and many are impressed by the changes she has made to her body. The reality TV personality has also been traveling with her husband and kids. But her latest excursion features her new baby with David.

Christine Brown & David Woolley From Sister Wives, TLC, Sourced From @david__woolley Instagram

Christine & Hubby Take New Baby On Excursion

In an Instagram post, Christine shared her excursion in Utah with David and their new baby, a RZR. The two have been driving the off-road vehicle over the past few weeks. But the Sister Wives stars took it to the next level as they took on the rocky mountains in Utah. Many were also terrified by the heights and dangerous angles they took. But Christine Brown shared that they had a blast on their latest adventures with their baby. “I’m loving spending time in Moab!! Conquering one rock at a time! He stays so calm! Lol.” she captioned.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown Gives Glimpse Inside Their RZR

Christine also uploaded another clip featuring her conversation with David while they drove the RZR. The Sister Wives stars were waiting for the short traffic to move. According to David, some of the trucks and Jeeps in front of them are scared to go on because of how steep the road is. But it seems he’s confident about their RZR, saying, “So far it’s awesome.” Christine Brown also gushed over the dashboard and is glad that the RZR has air conditioning.

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