Sister Wives: Close Family Member Calls Robyn A Mistress!

Sister Wives star Robyn Brown wasn’t able to win the hearts of her audience. They have always accused her of playing the victim card and being the reason behind the disintegration of the Browns. Hence, the celeb’s negative persona continues to date while some Brown family members have started to reveal some dark truths.


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Viewers were recently in shock when one of Kody’s family members stepped up and talked about Robyn. The noted member ended up calling Robyn a ‘mistress’ after he made some shocking revelations. Who is this person? What else did Kody’s relative reveal?

Sister Wives: Who Called Robyn Brown A Mistress?

Sister Wives fans are well aware of the fact that the majority of the Brown kids aren’t fond of Robyn. They have opened slammed her and accused her of being a “homewrecker” as well. But this time, the backlash isn’t coming from any of Kody’s biological kids but from his own nephew named Ben Brown.

Ben is a stand-up comedian who gets enough content from his own uncle to make fun of. He has started reviewing the episodes of Sister Wives and isn’t hesitating to give his honest yet brutal opinions regarding Kody. The celeb recently decided to comment on Episode one of the show, and fans couldn’t stop laughing.



Apparently, the noted episode featured Kody taking a four-hour drive to Robyn’s house during their courting days. Ben imagined his uncle driving a “sporty sports car” and laughed out loud when he saw the reality. He further described Kody as a man who has three wives and twelve kids, to whom he says, “while I go hit on this hot young thing in St. George.”

But that’s not all. Ben was quick to note that this show is all about a man who is basically trying his best to “integrate” his “mistress” into the family. Fans were quick to note that Ben was talking about Robyn and ended up calling him Kody’s mistress!

Sister Wives: Ben Is Kody Brown’s Mini-Me Version

Sister Wives fans were in shock when they initially saw Ben Brown’s picture. They were reminded of Kody’s young days as he looked like a version of him. Apparently, the star kid has the same eyes and brows, which makes him resemble his uncle way more. But that’s not all. Ben has the same grin that viewers have noticed on Kody’s face!



Some viewers even noted that Ben literally has the same speaking style as Kody. He also talks in an exaggerated animation and fast-paced speech that the latter has. Though the star kid initially had a clean face, over the last few years, the resemblance has increased a lot. Ben now has exactly the same length of hair as well as facial hair that Kody has.

While viewers are in disbelief after watching the resemblance Ben has with Kody, they are eager to watch more of his commentary episodes. Apparently, he has simply discussed the first one, and there is a lot more to come in the upcoming seasons. Hence, it appears the drama has just begun!

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