‘Sister Wives’ Fan Shares Latest Sighting Of Kody Brown

Sister Wives star Kody Brown has been making headlines after his nephew, Benjamin, spilled tea about the family and polygamy. Many were surprised by Benjamin’s statements, including how Kody integrated his “mistress” into the family. Kody and his ex-wives have yet to share their comments about Benjamin’s recent social media rampage. But it seems Kody doesn’t care about his antics and continues to mind his own business. A Reddit user even shared their run-in with the 55-year-old. Keep reading to see what Kody did.

Kody Brown From Sister Wives, TLC, Sourced From TLC YouTube

Sister Wives: Benjamin’s Shocking Claims About Kody Brown & Polygamy

Kody’s nephew recently took to TikTok to share that he’s going to watch the entire Sister Wives series, as he has never watched it before. He later added that the 19th season of the show will air somewhere in August. Moments later, Benjamin opened up about his difficult past in a polygamist family.

Kody Brown From Sister Wives, TLC, Sourced From TLC YouTube

According to him, he grew up in a very difficult lifestyle and claimed that he was a victim of labor trafficking. He even laughed at how TLC portrayed polygamy in the show, saying that it’s far from reality. He also believes that Kody’s decision to bring a mistress with three kids into the family was the nail in the coffin.

Fan Shares Latest Sighting Of Kody

Some Redditors react to the latest sighting of Kody Brown. According to the poster, they saw the Sister Wives star shopping at Target in Spanish Fork, Utah. The Reddit user also said that they saw one of Robyn’s daughters with him, but they weren’t able to take photos of her. Kody Brown appears to be in the beverage section of the mall. This made many Redditors curious as to what he was trying to purchase. Meanwhile, several commenters mentioned that the poster may have exposed Kody’s real height.

Kody Brown From Sister Wives, TLC, Sourced From Reddit
  • “He is so short!”
  • “Oh, how the Mighty has fallen. He was loving the four wives, it’s all about me TV show. Now, he’s a lonely man shopping for his forever tenders. Domesticated plyg-man, all alone in the beer aisle.”
  • “Down the beer aisle?”
  • “Is this near where Christine & Truely live?”
  • “I’m sure Kody used to always help Meri, Christine, and Janelle out with grocery shopping.”
  • “Looks like he still uses steroids, if you see his bodyshape. The trapezius muscle is a tell.”

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Ditches Another Child On Special Day?

Kody also made headlines last week after a Reddit thread called him out for snubbing another child on a special day. According to the poster, the Sister Wives star seemingly snubbed Mykelti on her birthday. Many were also surprised because Mykelti is known for her close relationship with her dad.

Mykelti Brown From Sister Wives, TLC, Sourced From @mykeltip Instagram

But it seems that things have changed since Kody parted ways with three of his four wives. Kody Brown has already broken the heart of his son, Gabriel, for forgetting about his birthday. It also appears that the Brown family patriarch no longer gives time to his other children from his ex-wives and only spends the majority of his time with Robyn.

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