Sister Wives: Is Hunter Brown Getting Married? Paedon Drops Hint!

Fans know that Sister Wives star Paedon Brown is always the one to spill the tea about his family’s drama. Recently, he might have dropped another major hint. In a TikTok video that’s been making the rounds, Paedon mentioned attending his “brother’s bachelor party.” While he didn’t specify which brother, fans have been speculating who it could be.


Sister Wives

Paedon has often been seen as a troublemaker due to his outspoken opinions and actions. Whenever he speaks out, some new detail about the Brown family usually comes to light. Naturally, fans are eager to know if the rumors are true. So, which brother of Paedon is getting married? Continue ready to learn everything about it.

Sister Wives: Is Paedon Attending Hunter’s Bachelor Party?

Paedon has been quite open about the Brown family’s inner dramas and disputes over the years. He once bluntly stated that polygamy was not working in the family and even accused Meri of being a child abuser. His relationship with his mother, Christine Brown Woolley, is also not perfect. That’s because he often tries to undermine her and disapproves of her new husband.

His sibling Gwendlyn has accused him of being transphobic. Understandably, some fans perceive him as similar to his father, Kody. However, it seems that the family’s alleged clout chaser may have mellowed recently.

In a recent video on TikTok, Paedon mentioned that he will be attending his “brother’s bachelor party,” which left fans curious as he did not specify which brother. Some Sister Wives fans believe this could be an old post that resurfaced, referring to his brother Logan Brown, who married Michelle Petty in October 2022. If this is not the case, then Paedon is talking about someone else.

Fans speculate that it could be Hunter Brown who is heading towards a marriage. In a recent post, Janelle might have hinted at her son Hunter’s engagement with his long-term girlfriend. Thus, it is likely that Paedon was talking about Hunter’s bachelor party. A fan speculated, “Probably Hunter, Logan is already married and I doubt it’s Gabe.” However, it is possible that an old post has just resurfaced.

Sister Wives: Gwendlyn Accused Paedon Of Being Transphobic

While Paedon is similarly outspoken like Kody, he may also be a chauvinist like him. According to his sister Gwendyln, Paedon is “sexist,” “transphobic,” “racist,” as well as “homophobic.” She also called him out for being “violent.” She also urged Sister Wives fans not to give “him any kind of support even if you’re just watching the kind of content he puts out.”


This made fans believe that Paedon is just the younger version of his father and is likely turning into a “monster” with an ego that is out of control. For more updates on Sister Wives and Paedon Brown.

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