Sister Wives: Life Update On Robyn Brown After Season 18! Where Is She?

After Christine left the marriage with Kody Brown, Janelle, and Meri soon followed. They left him with his remaining wife, Robyn Brown. From the debut of Sister Wives, it was clear that Robyn made efforts that created rifts in the polygamous relationship of the five. Viewers also noticed Kody’s favoritism towards Robyn, as Christine called her his “favorite wife.” During the COVID-19 pandemic, tensions escalated as Kody chose to live with Robyn and their children, despite his responsibilities to a larger family.

Sister Wives

Throughout the disputes, Robyn defended Kody and denied wanting a monogamous relationship with him. However, by the end of Season 18, it became evident that the family patriarch was only married to his youngest wife. This shift concerned fans, as it changed the family dynamics and the show’s core premise. Nonetheless, fans remain curious about Robyn’s activities after Sister Wives Season 18. Read on to find out more.

Sister Wives: What Is Robyn Brown Up To Now?

By the end of Sister Wives Season 18, Kody began leading a monogamous relationship with his remaining wife, Robyn. However, the departure of three wives within just 14 months left the patriarch of the Brown family deeply unsettled. Kody recently had an interview with Sukanya Krishnan on Sister Wives: One on One. Kody discussed the possibility of ending his marriage with Robyn if they no longer felt love for each other. Robyn, on the other hand, did not express a similar sentiment, according to People.

She said, “I never thought that I wanted to leave the marriage. No. I just know how much I love Kody. She continued, “I know he is a good guy and he’s doing his best.” Robyn continued to defend her husband as she went on, “I can’t imagine any other man being able to go through what he’s going through and still be doing OK, to be going through this much turmoil and stress and heartache and then have it all be on a television show.”


She added, “Considering that he’s still in one piece, I feel like that’s a pretty big deal, because I can’t imagine … It’s just a lot. And even, it’s a lot for me, and it’s a different situation for him.” Aside from dealing with her marriage to polygamist Kody, Robyn also faced sorrow, following the death of Janelle’s son, Garrison Brown. Then tensions peaked within the Brown family during the COVID-19 pandemic. Garrison and his brother Gabe were among those who challenged Kody’s strict rules.

This led to friction, and Kody eventually asked the two boys to apologize to Robyn

, further straining their relationship. After Garrison’s tragic death, both Kody and Robyn faced criticism from fans over perceived biases within the family dynamics. Interestingly, Robyn has refrained from posting on social media since Garrison’s passing, suggesting she is still mourning his loss.


Sister Wives: Robyn Brown Continues Filming For The Show

Aside from her social media break, Robyn has been actively filming for Sister Wives Season 19. The upcoming season is highly anticipated due to significant changes in the Brown family dynamics. While many fans speculated the show might end, it has persisted, set to delve into the interesting characteristics of the once tight-knit family. Moreover, Meri, the last wife to leave Kody, has hinted at her return to the show.

Sister Wives

Recently, Robyn was spotted filming in Tennessee, as shared on a Reddit post where fans noted Kody appearing to feed Robyn fudge. Other family members, including their daughter Aurora, have also been seen with cameras at a wedding dress shop in Las Vegas. Keep coming back to TV Season & Spoilers, for all the latest reality TV updates.


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