Sister Wives | Robyn’s Worst Moments!

Since the start of the “Sister Wives” reality series, Robyn Brown has never been the wife fans loved the most, and some of her actions on the show have made her even less popular. Since the show’s debut in 2010, “Sister Wives” fans have loved to hate the youngest sister wife, and it’s time to highlight some moments where she really made fans see red.

The show began with a significant portion of the storyline focusing on Kody and Robyn’s courtship and eventual marriage. Robyn’s integration into the Brown family, along with her three children from her first marriage, made for interesting drama as she established herself as the fourth sister wife. This added a lot of entertainment value to the premier season. Seasons later, Robyn continues to be the source of much conflict for the often controversial plural family. Whether it be Kody’s lack of attention to the other wives in favor of Robyn, her constant crying, or her seemingly self-absorbed behavior, viewers have found plenty of reasons to dislike her over the years.

Here are some of her worst moments thus far. During season six, Kody’s adoption of Robyn’s three children from a previous marriage became official. To commemorate the event, Robyn had a portrait commissioned depicting a young Kody posing with the three children. The portrait was an homage to a moment that did not exist, with Dayton, Aurora, and Brianna being far younger than they were when Robyn and Kody met. While the other wives marveled at the picture, even proclaiming it a masterpiece and breathtakingly wonderful, fans were not as moved. Many felt Robyn tried to erase her children’s natural history with their biological father. Her revisionist history ploy may have scored her brownie points with the family at the time, but it certainly did not help her win over audiences.

The portrait should not have come as a surprise. Right from the start, Robyn seemed to try to replace her previous husband, David Preston Jessop, as her children’s father. Many viewers rank one of Robyn’s season one moments as particularly cringe-worthy when she insisted that her kids refer to Kody as “Daddy.” At the time, her children were 10, 8, and 6 and well aware of their biological paternity. Viewers didn’t like Robyn’s insistence that they began calling Kody “Daddy” when they had an established relationship with their own father. This was confusing and, in fans’ eyes, potentially damaging to her children. Not to mention, Dayton, Aurora, and Brianna’s interactions with Kody had been fairly limited before their mother married into the large and blended family. Many viewers felt that pushing them to call him “Dad” right away was Robyn pushing her own agenda rather than focusing on what was best for them.

Even lately, the fourth Mrs. Kody Brown is still upsetting “Sister Wives” fans with her self-centered antics. Season 16 focused heavily on the family’s struggles with pandemic life. Kody laid out strict guidelines and protocols for each household to follow to reduce each family’s likelihood of contracting COVID-19. In one recent episode, Robyn whimpered about how hard the situation had been on all of them, implying that her challenges were the same as the other wives’ struggles. This did not sit well with audiences, who have been quick to point out that Robyn’s living conditions were much more ideal than those of Meri, Janelle, or Christine Brown. After all, she was living with Kody on a day-to-day basis. Of all the wives, Robyn was the only one still enjoying benefits due to her intimacy with her husband. This made her situation less difficult to endure.

These are just some of the moments Robyn has made it hard for fans to like her, and there probably will be more in the future. Make sure to subscribe to my channel and turn on all notifications so you never miss any “Sister Wives” news and updates. I’ll see you very soon with another video.

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