SISTER WIVES SEASON 19: Janelle New Look! FIANLLY Kody Come Back Janelle Life! Robyn Divorce Rumours

Janelle Brown from “Sister Wives” appears to be getting healthier since her separation from Kody Brown. Fans have noticed a significant positive change in her appearance. Despite sharing her lifelong struggles, Janelle is making impressive strides in her well-being. Her current successes are impressing fans once again. Recently, Janelle shared an Instagram post about an exciting getaway with her daughter, Savannah. The post, captioned “Galentine’s group: good food, good conversation, all of the things,” featured a group of smiling ladies enjoying their Valentine’s Day fun. Fans were notably surprised by Janelle’s new look and flooded her comments with love and support.

One fan commented, “Janelle, you look amazing and so happy for you and your kids. You have raised great kids with respect and kindness. Keep on doing you; you are amazing!” Another added, “You are glowing, Janelle. Love seeing you happy.” Many praised the significant changes they observed, highlighting her positive transformation and newfound happiness. Additionally, fans noted that Savannah looked happy and beautiful.

Janelle’s positive changes have inspired many fans, some even rewatching past seasons to see her journey. Meanwhile, viewers are eagerly anticipating Kody Brown’s potential memoir, with many suggesting humorous titles. Kody, who has been a controversial figure, is often seen as playing the victim and acting out aggressively. His shift from polygamy to a monogamous relationship with Robyn has sparked further criticism. Despite his efforts, Kody is often blamed for his wives’ dissatisfaction, making him one of the most divisive personalities on reality TV.

Fans recall various incidents, including the time Christine had to rush their daughter, Truely, to the hospital for kidney failure while Kody was away. This, among other factors, has contributed to Kody’s negative image. Despite Kody’s claims of being wronged, fans continue to view him unfavorably, especially in light of his relationships with his ex-wives, Christine, Janelle, and Meri. Cody’s behavior and tendency to gaslight and blame others have made him a controversial figure even among his own family.

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