Sister Wives: “Today Update News” Kody Brown’s Fifth Sister Wife: Has He Really Married Again?


“Sister Wives” fans have long speculated about Kody Brown, the patriarch of the famous polygamous family, potentially marrying a fifth wife. Despite the decline of his first four marriages, he continues to be seen as marriage material. Some speculate this could be to keep the TLC show on air, to prove plural marriages can work, or simply because he feels compelled to. However, given the recent family tragedy, adding another wife seems ill-timed.

Cody’s marital history includes four wives: Robyn, Mary, Janelle, and Christine, with whom he has 18 children. Currently, he is only married to Robyn, as the others have left him between 2021 and 2023. With only one wife left, there’s speculation that a new wife might be necessary to prevent the show’s cancellation, though this is uncertain.

Rumors of a fifth wife have circulated for years, but none have materialized. Reports of Cody finding a fifth wife in 2019 were debunked, as were rumors of spiritual marriages and proposals to other women. Despite his openness to marrying again, his ex-wives, like Janelle, doubt it will happen.

The potential for a new wife could have been a storyline for a new season, but with the recent tragedy of Janelle and Cody’s son Garrison’s suicide, the show’s future is uncertain. Fans have speculated about Robyn leaving Cody, but recent appearances suggest their relationship remains intact.

In conclusion, while the idea of a fifth wife for Cody Brown could have injected new life into “Sister Wives,” the recent family tragedy and the uncertainty surrounding the show’s renewal cast a shadow over this possibility. Cody’s track record and the current family situation make it seem unlikely that he will pursue another wife at this time.

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