Sister Wives: Why Is Mykelti Padron Moving To North Carolina?

Much to Kody Brown’s dislike, the Brown family is dispersing and moving away from their current home base. While the bulk of the Sister Wives family currently resides in Arizona or Utah, many of Kody’s children are starting to settle in different locations. Maddison was among the first to leave, relocating to North Carolina with her husband, Caleb. Ysabel has also expressed interest in moving to New York.


Sister Wives

Most recently, Mykelti Padron announced her move to North Carolina with her husband, Tony. However, the daughter of Christine and Kody Brown, 28, has chosen to keep the reasoning behind their move private. Fans are eager to understand the motivation behind this sudden decision. So, why is Mykelti moving to North Carolina? Here’s what the fans think.

Sister Wives: Fans Speculate Why Mykelti Is Moving To North Carolina

The relationship between Kody Brown and his former three wives is visibly strained. The ever-changing family dynamics have put a strain on many of Kody’s relationships with his children. During a YouTube live session on June 14, Mykelti announced her plans to move to North Carolina with her husband, Tony, and their three children. The TLC star did not disclose the reason behind their move.

Tony further explained that the couple has decided to sell their home in Utah because the move is “very expensive.” He added, “The whole packing has started, so it’s going to be a lot.” This announcement has led fans to speculate about the reasons behind Mykelti’s decision to move away from her parents. Mykelti clarified that her cousin Maddie, who also resides in North Carolina, did not influence their decision. But she does see this as a benefit.


Sister Wives

Fans believe this is more than just a coincidence, as both sisters have three children each. This could help them raise their kids together as their homes are only a car ride away. Another popular fan theory suggests that Mykelti might be trying to stay relevant in the television world. One Reddit user speculated that Mykelti might be moving close to Maddie for a potential Sister Wives spinoff, especially since the core premise of S ister Wives has dissolved.

With Mykelti moving and sharing a lifestyle similar to Maddie’s, this could bring a new flair for a potential spin-off series. However, TLC has made no such announcements. Regardless of the theories, Mykelti may be moving simply for the sake of change or a potential job opportunity. The couple previously resided in St. George, Utah, before moving to Lehi, Utah, in 2021.

Sister Wives: Why Did Maddie Move Away From Her Parents?

In July 2016, Maddie and her family moved to North Carolina, leaving their home in Arizona. During a podcast interview, Maddie expressed her desire to distance herself from the family drama. “Obviously, my family is falling apart on TV. It’s not a secret,”

Maddie candidly stated. “You can see it… so I always tell Caleb that I’m grateful because I feel like God moved us here.” She also shared that her kids do not recognize their grandfather. “They don’t [know who my dad is],” She said. “They don’t recognize him. Like I said… I’m not going to force you to have a relationship with my kids.

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Over the years, Maddie cut ties with Kody, seemingly after Christine left him in 2021. While this was a surprise to the Brown family patriarch, Janelle gave insights. “Maddie doesn’t call him because of his behaviour lately,” She said during an episode. “She’s like, ‘I don’t know what to do with him. I don’t know who this guy is.’ Madison has to consider her children. She has to consider the stability of what they see or perceive as a grandfather.”

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