Sister Wives! Ysabel Drop Bombshell Shocking News About Kody’s Background Scenes! It Will Shock You

Isabelle Brown from “Sister Wives” recently shared her first post-surgery photos. Isabelle, daughter of Cody and Christine Brown, had been battling scoliosis, initially using holistic methods and a rigorous exercise routine that managed to slow the condition’s progression but didn’t correct it. The surgery, which took place between the last season and the upcoming one, was a significant milestone. Christine had previously hinted at the surgery when she asked fans for financial help, revealing that $50,000 was needed, which wasn’t covered by insurance. This led to criticism about their insurance coverage and Cody’s lack of financial support.

Isabelle’s successful surgery and her recovery journey were documented online by Christine, who shared updates from New Jersey, where the surgery was performed. Isabelle’s new photos show her standing tall, looking like a model with her newfound confidence and improved posture.

In other news, Maddie Brown Brush, another “Sister Wives” star, shared heartwarming pictures of her daughter, Evie Brush, wearing her first prosthesis. Evie, born with FATCO syndrome, recently underwent an amputation to improve her future mobility. The fitting of her prosthesis marked a significant step in her journey, and despite some challenges, Evie is expected to adapt well to her new limb.

Lastly, Cody Brown’s behind-the-scenes antics were highlighted, revealing some bizarre moments. Long-time viewers noticed various oddities, including a memorable scene where Cody’s hair extensions were visible. Such revelations continue to intrigue and amuse the show’s dedicated fans.

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