Sophie Sierra is showing off her new BBL after split from Rob

British social media influencer Sophie Sierra and her American husband Rob War have faced criticism since their debut on the 10th season of “90 Day Fiancé.” Initially, Rob was the main target due to his online infidelity and unstable job situation, living in a small one-bedroom apartment without an indoor bathroom. However, the focus shifted to Sophie during the 8th season of “Happily Ever After,” with fans accusing her of deceiving Rob to obtain a green card.

In a recent episode, Sophie admitted to her best friend Kay that she had been dishonest about her dating history. She revealed her bisexuality to Rob only after he sponsored her K1 visa, previously denying any romantic involvement with women. Many fans believe Sophie chose Rob, a seemingly naive man, to move to the U.S. for better content creation opportunities.

Sophie further raised suspicions by leaving Rob shortly after their marriage, leading many to believe she used him to gain U.S. residency. As a British citizen, she can only stay in the U.S. for up to 180 days per year, with a maximum of 90 days per visit.

Following a trend among “90 Day Fiancé” cast members, Sophie spent her reality TV earnings on significant cosmetic procedures. Recently, she showcased her new veneer teeth on Instagram, and fans noticed she had undergone a Brazilian butt lift (BBL) before filming the latest season. This transformation has been evident in her recent social media posts.

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