Sperm Donor Creep Gets DUMPED 🥰 90 Day Fiancé Love In Paradise 4×9

Welcome back to another ’90 Day Fiancé: Love in Paradise’ recap! Today, we’re discussing Season 4, Episode 9. This episode was slower than usual, so this recap will be brief.

Before diving in, a quick note: I made another song with AI, which I’ll share at the end. Many of you have complimented my voice and talent, but it’s all AI-generated.

Let’s start with Luke and Meline, my favorite tumultuous couple. Not much happened, but their scenes were intriguing. They both wore giant fur coats, adding an odd seriousness to their argument. Last episode, they argued because Luke’s friend Brian heard a rumor that Meline slept in the same bed as another man at a party. Meline tried to explain it was innocent—she was drunk and fell asleep, but nothing happened. Luke felt disrespected because it was his apartment.

Their argument continued with Luke demanding an apology, which Meline refused to give. She didn’t see why she should apologize for something innocent. Luke, frustrated, left. The next morning, Meline, in tears, finally apologized, and they reconciled.

Moving on to Alex and Adriano. Alex’s cousin Tiffany is still in Italy, surprised that Alex is still with Adriano despite their differences—Alex’s faith and Adriano’s desire for threesomes. Tiffany and another relative, Tracy, both urge Alex to break up with Adriano. Alex reveals Adriano suggested a threesome with Tiffany, which shocks them. On a romantic boat date, Alex confronts Adriano about the threesome suggestion. He awkwardly denies it, claiming it was a joke. Alex isn’t convinced, feeling he’s trying to manipulate her.

Next, Kyle and Anie had a weird, choppy scene. Anie wanted Kyle to get her a morning-after pill after unprotected sex, but he didn’t because he tracked her ovulation. Anie accused him of being selfish, and Kyle revealed his STD test results to prove responsibility. Anie was unimpressed, suspecting he used the results to reassure other women. Kyle admitted to recent sexual encounters, and Anie revealed she saw her ex before Kyle arrived. They both accused each other of infidelity. Anie decided to break up with Kyle, realizing his behavior was creepy and predatory.

Lastly, Shaun and Aaliyah had a tense dinner as Shaun prepared to leave. Aaliyah agreed to an open relationship until they marry, then demanded monogamy. Shaun was uncertain if he could comply, setting the stage for their next episode’s finale.

Stay tuned for the season finale of ‘Love in Paradise.’ We’ll see how these stories conclude and whether there will be a reunion or tell-all special. See you next time!


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