Split Up!! Outcast! New Update! Janelle Brown Drops Breaking News || It will Shock You

“You and I have been acting like we weren’t a married couple for most of our marriage,” Janelle remarked. Viewers of “Sister Wives” are well aware of the difficulties in Kody Brown’s relationship with Christine, but is it conceivable that his union with Janelle is also in trouble? Season 17 teasers show Kody verbally berating Janelle. With Christine gone, it appears Kody is using Janelle as a scapegoat for his troubles.

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Anyone who knows Janelle knows she won’t allow Kody to mistreat her; she has her children and pets for support. Some “Sister Wives” viewers believe Janelle and Kody separated last year, citing leaked pictures and videos from their son Logan’s wedding. Janelle was seen in the front row, while Kody and Robyn sat in the second row.

Fans speculate Janelle might be the next to leave the family, following Christine’s departure. Despite Peyton Brown stating they were still together, questions remain. Reality TV often blurs the line between fact and fiction, and Kody’s absence from social media makes it hard to know his true nature.

Logan recently married his longtime partner Michelle Petty, and while Kody attended, he didn’t engage much with the family. Many of his elder children no longer speak to him. Christine moved away over a year ago, and fans think Meri and Janelle might follow.

Despite being the groom’s father, Kody didn’t pose for family photos, indicating a possible rift. He appeared more of a loner than a social butterfly during the wedding. The seating arrangement at Logan’s wedding, with Janelle up front and Kody farther back, fueled speculation about their relationship.

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