Stunning!! 90 Day Fiance Big Ed Starts Changing His Appearance In This Major Way After Liz Split

’90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After’ star Big Ed Brown is set to undergo a major makeover in 2024, a year after his split from Liz Woods. Originally from San Diego, Big Ed now resides in Arkansas, where he had hoped to start a new life with Liz. They were planning to marry in August 2023, but Big Ed, predicting a divorce, canceled the wedding without informing Liz. Now, Liz is dating someone new, while Big Ed is on the lookout for his next girlfriend.

Big Ed is transforming his appearance, focusing on a complete makeover and weight loss journey. He recently posted an Instagram video, bringing back memories for ’90 Day Fiancé’ fans by reacting to a clip from ‘Before the 90 Days’ Season 4, where he famously took a bath with Rose’s father and encountered a nearly dead rat. Fans asked if he was growing his hair back, and Big Ed confirmed he was.

Growing his hair long is just one change Big Ed is making. He had long hair when he started dating Liz during ‘The Single Life’ Season 1 but cut it off after their split. Now, with his hair growing again, he is also focused on losing weight. Since March 2024, he has lost 19 pounds through rigorous gym workouts, aiming to shed his “dad bod.”

Big Ed is interested in dating a conservative Christian woman and has gone on lunches with women closer to his age. However, he recently posted photos from a date with a much younger woman in New York. His daily workouts include extensive cardio and strength training.

Previously, Big Ed dyed his hair to look younger and famously used mayonnaise to counteract the drying effect of the dye. This time, he might opt for a salt-and-pepper look if he dates someone his age. Although his dating patterns have been predictable, this new phase in his life might surprise fans.

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