Sugar Baby Finds Out Her Daddy’s Broke | 90 Day Fiancé: Love in Paradise 4×3

We’re obsessed with TLC and all the trashy reality TV it offers. Welcome back to another recap of “Love In Paradise.” Let’s dive into Season 4, Episode 3, which was another cringe-filled delight.

Starting with Luke and Meline, Luke finally arrived in Colombia to see Meline. At the airport, their awkward reunion involved hitting, punching, and a weird kiss. Meline then took Luke to her new beauty salon, which had a misspelled sign, “Made b t Beauty.” Despite the spelling error, Luke tried to be supportive. Inside, the salon was decked out in pink, with various beauty stations. Luke asked about the salon’s finances and was shocked to learn it wasn’t close to breaking even. Meline needed 60-90 clients a month but only had 20. Luke then revealed he lost his job and couldn’t fund the salon for much longer, leading to a tense discussion. Eventually, they decided to support each other despite the financial strain.

Next, we have Anie and Kyle. Anie enjoys Kyle’s odd behavior but questions his constant self-adjustment, which he explains is to keep his “spermies” cool. On the beach, Anie confronts Kyle about his sperm donations, suspecting he had sex in Australia. Kyle initially denies it but eventually admits to it, explaining it as a professional necessity. Anie gives him an ultimatum: stop donating or end their relationship. Kyle’s reluctance to stop donating raises serious concerns about his behavior.

Then, there’s Alex and Adriano. Alex traveled to Italy to see Adriano, who proposed moving to Australia together. However, their differing views on threesomes create tension. Adriano insists on threesomes, which Alex initially agreed to but later changed her mind. She fears moving to Australia only to be left if she refuses threesomes. Adriano’s persistence worries Alex, but they decide to table the conversation and enjoy their time together. Their passionate makeout session underscores their complex relationship.

Lastly, Aaliyah and Shawn’s segment was brief but significant. Shopping for women’s clothes for the first time, Shawn struggled with the new dynamic. He realized he felt like a typical hetero man waiting for his partner, a role he disliked during his previous marriage. This set the stage for a deeper discussion about Aaliyah’s transition and Shawn’s feelings.

In the preview for the next episode, tensions rise as Aaliyah and Shawn discuss her transition further, and Alex and Adriano face a religious disagreement. Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

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