Top Secret News For TLC Fans !! Kody Brown Is Very Shocked ! Heartbreaking News !! It Will Shock You

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Since the passing of Garrison Brown, many Sister Wives fans understand that the whole Brown family is experiencing a life-altering change. However, it’s been a little over two months, and some people think compassion for Kody Brown may be running low. Initially, viewers gave the entire Brown family slack as they journeyed through this awful tragedy. But like most deaths, those closest to the loved ones carry the heaviest burden.

As time marches on, some grace was given by fans with the initial sting of Garrison’s suicide on March 5, 2024. Most understand how heartbreaking an unexpected death can be, but the family is continuing forward in the best ways they know how. While each of the Browns is doing their very best to learn to live without Garrison, some fans are losing sympathy for Kody specifically. On Reddit, one fan mentioned their temporary sympathy for Kody evaporated long ago, stating they find it hard to feel bad for him even after this horrific loss. The fan added that Robyn might be even worse, indicating they no longer extend grace to either of them.

All of the Browns, including Kody, require the necessary time to grieve. Many Sister Wives fans previously blamed Kody for Garrison’s decision to take his life. Unfortunately, there were likely many reasons for his decision, known only to Garrison. In the same thread, fans defended the Brown family, noting that grief doesn’t go away; it just changes over time. The pain may lessen as the griever builds strength, but it never fully disappears.

It’s been two months, and I guarantee you Janelle and others in the family are still living with tremendous pain. You never get over the pain; at first, you just try to survive it. With time, you slowly learn how to live with it, but you never get over it. Sadness is like a backpack.

While not everyone extends leniency to Robyn and Kody, many Sister Wives fans understand that all members of the family need time. One fan shared a beautiful analogy of the grieving process, saying a hospice nurse once told them grief is like a backpack. When you first put it on, it’s heavy, and it’s hard to walk around with this weight on your shoulders. But as time goes by, you grow stronger, and the grief doesn’t feel as heavy, though it’s still there. Some days, the grief shifts and feels heavier again. Over time, you’ll add new grief to the backpack, constantly cycling between heavy and light backpack days. The grief is always with you, but sometimes it doesn’t feel as heavy. The fan added that understanding this helped them realize there’s nothing wrong with still feeling pangs of grief and sorrow. They remind themselves that their backpack will feel lighter again because they are strong and have loved ones around to help carry it when they feel too weak.

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