Trouble In Paradise? ‘Sister Wives’ Star Tony Padron Admits To Snubbing Wife Mykelti!

Sister Wives star Mykelti Brown and her husband Antonio “Tony” Padron have completed over seven years of marriage. The pair, who tied the knot in December 2016, are proud parents to three children: daughter Avalon and twins Archer and Ace. Since their wedding, Mykelti and Tony frequently show off each other on Instagram, seemingly showcasing a picture-perfect marriage.


Sister Wives

However, the couple recently found themselves under the watchful eyes of the fans. Mykelti and Tony announced a big move to North Carolina, sparking rumors of a major life change. Adding fuel to the fire, eagle-eyed fans have spotted something suspicious, hinting that trouble might be brewing behind the scenes. So, what’s really going on between Mykelti and her husband Tony? Is their happy marriage not what it seems? Read all about the tea here.

Sister Wives: Tony Snubs Wife Mykelti On Her Birthday!

Rumours have been swirling about Sister Wives stars Mykelti and Tony facing marital troubles. Fans were surprised when Tony’s appearances on Mykelti’s Instagram suddenly stopped after a Valentines’ Day post in February. Given their history of frequently flaunting each other on social media, Tony’s absence raised eyebrows.

However, Mykelti quickly addressed the rumors with a message on her Instagram stories. “People, I’m still married!” She wrote, sharing a picture of her and Tony enjoying lunch. “Don’t assume anything just because he’s not in every movie. Stop assuming just because he’s not in EVERY. SINGLE. POST. that he’s not mine.”

But the gossip didn’t end there. In late June, eagle-eyed Sister Wives viewers noticed something unsettling while rewatching an episode. A Redditor highlighted that Tony admitted that he didn’t call Mykelti on her birthday, June 9. His excuse? He was busy playing chess for nine hours that day and wished her a happy birthday the day before. This revelation sparked outrage among fans, but Mykelti seemed unbothered.

She mentioned that even her father Kody did not wish her a happy birthday, implying that it wasn’t a big deal. While this behaviour is expected from Kody, it’s startling to see how Tony’s actions are similar to Mykelti’s toxic father. Moreover, Mykelti’s nonchalant reaction showed that she might have expected this from her husband. Many Sister Wives’ viewers speculated that troubled relationships might be a pattern in the Brown family, raising concerns about Mykelti’s marital future. Moreover, fans also wondered if she is truly a priority for Tony.

Sister Wives: Why Are Mykelti & Tony Moving To North Carolina?

On June 14, Mykelti made a surprising announcement during a YouTube live session, sharing that she and her husband and three kids are packing up and moving to North Carolina. The Sister Wives star did not delve into the specifics about the reason behind the relocation but it seems that the family is eager for a fresh start.

Tony revealed that the pair have decided to sell their Utah home because of the expenses involved in the move. A fan asked if Mykelti is moving to North Carolina to live closer to her sister Maddison and her family. Mykelti clarified that Madison’s presence did not influence her decision but it is certainly a benefit as the siblings would be minutes away from each other.

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