Update News: Janelle Brown Reflects On Kody And Her Boys Drama

Janelle Brown seemed stuck between a rock and a hard place when Kody demanded that her sons abide by his COVID-19 rules and recently; she reflected on how it impacted their relationship. Nowadays, Sister Wives‘ fans see that they are separated. Was it all because Kody wouldn’t budge an inch? In fact, she described his attitude as “My way or the highway.”

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Janelle Brown Stood Up For Her Sons Against Kody

In Season 16, TLC fans saw that Kody really clashed with his former second wife. Remember, he was terrified of the coronavirus pandemic and insisted on a lot of rules. Actually, many people felt that he went way over the top about it. Gabe and Garrison bumped heads with their father because they refused to stay home. So, he basically told their mom to make them stay at home. Of course, that put her in a terrible position. After all, they were not kids, and Garrison worked.

Garrison moved into his own place eventually, and Janelle Brown seemed very proud of him. However, in late 2022, fans saw that Kody still felt irritated because Garrison ignored his rules. They went to work on the RV together, and it ended up in a yelling match as Kody put him down. It infuriated Sister Wives fans as well, because this time, his mom didn’t stick up for him. Clearly, she struggled with being placed in the middle of her sons and her spiritual husband.

Janelle Brown Reflects On Difficult  Position

Another scene from Season 17 that grabbed viewers’ hearts came when Kody forgot Gabriel Brown’s birthday. As Gabe wept, it became clear that Kody definitely seemed to favor Robyn’s children over the others. So, they welcomed the news that his second wife walked away from their union in December of last year. Now that she’s free and independent, she started speaking out more.

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Just ahead of the Premiere of Season 18, Janelle Brown and Christine chatted with People and gave some candid insights into their split. While Garrison’s mom didn’t mention what caused their final fight, it might have been about the boys. That’s because she spoke at length about how Kody made her choose between him and her sons. She said, “I felt like I had to walk this tightrope, I had to choose between having my boys in my house or having Kody there.”

Kody Demanded His Sons Get Out Of The House

Janelle Brown talked about how the position he put her in was terribly difficult. In fact, she believes his attitude finally destroyed their marriage. When he insisted the boys leave when he visits, she felt it was too much. After all, she couldn’t just forget that she had more children than just Savanah.

InTouch Weekly reported that the TLC star talked about how Kody was all about protecting Robyn’s kids. Actually, it seemed they were way more important than the other children. She added, “So, It was just anger and it was like, ‘My way or the highway.” Many fights ensued, and they finally split.

What are your thoughts? Are you surprised that Kody sacrificed Gabe and Garrison for Robyn’s kids? Are you happy that His former second wife walked away from him to stand with her sons? Sound off in the comments below.

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