Update News: Robyn Brown BIG Update About Her Relationship With Kody Now

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With Kody Brown losing Meri, Christine, and Janelle, Sister Wives fans wonder what will happen to Robyn. Is she ready to take full responsibility as the last wife standing? Can she handle having Kody Brown completely to herself? Does she even want to be in a monogamous relationship with her husband? Moreover, what does her future look like now?

Like Christine, Janelle, and Meri, Robyn Brown also sat down with People Magazine as part of the press tour for the new season of Sister Wives. She gave fans an update on her relationship with Kody Brown. She talked about her future. And, she really shared her point of view on everything going on.

Robyn Brown BIG Update About Her Relationship With Kody Now

During her interview with People Magazine, Robyn Brown admits that a person just really shouldn’t be married while going through a divorce. As someone who has experienced divorce, she knows how hard it can be. She also knows it can bring out an ugly side of a person that other people didn’t know existed. For Robyn, it was hard to see and listen to Kody Brown as he went through three divorces at roughly the same time.

Robyn, however, explains she never thought about joining her sister wives and leaving Kody. She really loved Kody. And, she believed he was a good guy just trying to do the best he could.

Surviving her husband while he went through these divorces, Robyn Brown leaned hard on her children. She said that her children are everything to her and that was where she devoted most of her time and attention while Kody figured things out.

She Isn’t Sure What The Future Holds

Robyn Brown always thought she knew what her future would look like. She pictured herself on a porch. Growing old with her sister wives. Watching their children and grandchildren on Coyote Pass. Now, she doesn’t know what her future will look like. And, she has a hard time wrapping her mind around that.

While she knows it may not make sense, she explains that she’s trying to find herself and figure out what her future is going to look like.

Robyn Brown made it pretty clear she has no plans to leave Kody. But, she didn’t really address whether she is happy being in a monogamous relationship. Or, if she hopes Kody will find new wives to rebuild their plural family that she desperately wants.

How did you feel about Robyn Brown’s interview with People Magazine? Do you think her relationship with Kody Brown will continue to work out? Or, will they eventually split up too? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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