Very Heartbreaking 😭 News! Angela Won’t Return To The Show After 90 Day Fiance Happily Ever After

“Angela Deem’s journey in ’90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After’ Season 8 is likely her last in the franchise. She began her reality TV journey after meeting Michael Ilesanmi from Nigeria online. They got engaged, aiming for a K1 Visa, and later married in Lagos for an espousal visa. Despite being together for almost eight years, Michael left Angela and has been living separately for four months.

Angela’s behavior on the show, including flirting with strangers, yelling, and destroying property, made her unpopular. She accused Michael of marriage fraud, but he remained quiet, planning to leave for the US. Angela, a former nursing assistant, was the family’s breadwinner before fame. She became famous after her 2018 debut on ’90 Day Fiancé,’ but her journey was almost cut short when she spoiled her storyline by confirming Michael was already in America.

Fans speculated Angela was fired when she didn’t appear in ‘Happily Ever After’ episodes. She changed her Instagram bio, and content involving her was removed. Angela tried to deflect rumors but later confirmed she wouldn’t return after Season 8. She expressed interest in a spin-off, as she feels her story with Michael hasn’t been fully shown. Angela aspires to be a Hollywood actress and has a movie in the works, signaling her move to a bigger screen.”

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