3 Acres Of Coyote Pass Land On Sale, You Can Buy It For $420K

The show Sister Wives has become a household name. Kody, Meri, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn’s journeys began almost a decade ago. A lot has changed, and fans are currently gearing up for a new season to learn about the current family dynamics. The castmates had earlier announced that Kody is only married to Robyn as the rest of them also decided to part ways. Apart from this, a lot of changes are also taking place in their Coyote Pass lot that the Browns collectively brought to build on. Now, there is an update that says 3 acres of it are on sale. Is Kody selling a portion of his parcel?

Sister Wives: 3 Acres On Coyote Pass Are On Sale For $400K

Kody Brown and his four wives made a major investment a few years ago. After moving to Flagstaff, they bought a plot and divided it into 5 parcels, i.e., one for the polygamist and the other for his spouses in Coyote Pass. However, its future is unclear as none of them have started to build on it. Then, when Christine parted ways with him, she sold her portion back to her ex. Recently, there was an update on the real estate website, Zillow, saying that three acres of land on Coyote Pass are on sale.

Zillow.com Screenshot Taken By TV Season & Spoilers

Hence, fans instantly began to wonder if Kody was selling the spare lot he got from Christine. However, after extensive research, TV Season & Spoilers can officially declare that it is not the case. Apparently, Kody’s family isn’t the only one that owns land there. The lot opposite the Sister Wives star’s parcel is going on sale. In fact, according to Zillow, the area is worth $420,000. Hence, any die-hard fans from Flagstaff who may be interested in purchasing land near Kody’s can definitely do so now!

Google Maps Screenshot Taken By TV Season & Spoilers

Sister Wives: Kody & Janelle Clear Off All The Coyote Pass Dues!

It is likely that Kody or any of his wives would be interested in selling their Coyote Pass parcel this soon. That’s because reports earlier confirmed that the family, especially the patriarch and Janelle, ended up clearing all the dues. Apparently, updates from June 2 mentioned that the ex-couple collectively fully paid off their Coyote Pass lot in Arizona. Hence, since Christine’s exit from the family, Kody, Janelle, Meri, and Robyn are the only ones who own parcels of land in the area.

Janelle Brown Reflects on Fitness Progress After Kody Split

As of Janelle Brown’s latest updates about still living in an RV, it is clear that she still wants to build there. Despite her separation from her husband, she is saving up to start construction on her parcel of land. In comparison, Meri Brown has not yet provided any update about what she wishes to do with her land. As far as Kody and Robyn are concerned, they will eventually build on it. That’s because the former cleared the dues only a month ago from now.

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