90 Day Fiancé: Angela LOSES IT After Michael Doesn’t Get His Visa

Angela loses it on Michael after he leaves his visa interview without successfully securing the visa. “You didn’t get it? No, you didn’t get it!” she exclaims, realizing he’s serious. Angela’s temper flares, comparing Michael to an inmate as their fights become increasingly repetitive and explosive.

In this episode, Michael’s visa interview takes place in the Ivory Coast instead of Nigeria. Angela is furious that Michael moved their case without consulting her, which she believes raised suspicions and contributed to the denial. Michael explains they must wait two weeks for a response, but Angela is unconvinced, feeling betrayed by his unilateral decision-making.

Their tumultuous relationship continues to face challenges, with Angela’s outbursts overshadowing Michael’s attempts at autonomy. The episode concludes with Angela storming off, telling Michael to get his own room, leaving viewers anticipating more drama in future episodes.

Meanwhile, the host reflects on the broader 90 Day Fiancé community, sharing experiences from visiting Emily and Kobe in Kansas. The upcoming episodes promise more insights into the lives of the cast, including updates on Kobe’s entrepreneurial ventures and Emily’s relationship dynamics. As the season progresses, the resilience of these couples is tested, highlighting the complexities of love and the immigration process.

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