‘90 Day Fiancé’: Big Ed CRIES OVER Liz While Doing Spicy Food Challenge

Big Ed, a familiar face from ’90 Day Fiancé,’ recently made headlines as he got emotional over his ex, Liz, during a spicy food challenge. In a candid interview with Access Hollywood, Big Ed opened up about his relationship with Liz, admitting that the breakup had been tough on him.

The challenge involved trying iconic dishes from New York City, including chili cheese dogs, bagels with jalapeño cream cheese, and spicy pizza. Throughout the challenge, Big Ed reminisced about his time with Liz and expressed his desire to find love again, preferably with a Southern, Christian, conservative woman who enjoys pontoon boats and spicy food.

When asked about his breakup with Liz, Big Ed revealed that he knew for a few months that the relationship wouldn’t work out. He recalled a moment with his mother, who warned him that marrying Liz would lead to a lifetime of misery. This, combined with doubts about marriage and the realization that he wasn’t happy, led him to call off the wedding.

Despite the breakup, Big Ed cherishes the memories he shared with Liz and has chosen to keep reminders of their relationship, such as photos and a tattoo, as a testament to their time together. He also expressed openness to dating someone from outside the United States in the future.

The emotional interview touched on the complexities of relationships and breakup, showing a vulnerable side of Big Ed that fans rarely see. His story is a reminder that love and heartbreak are universal experiences, regardless of fame or fortune.

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