90 Day Fiancé Bombshell: The Dark Secrets Behind Sarper’s Alleged Brainwashing of Shekinah!

90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way” star Shekinah Garner appears to be caught in a complex web of manipulation and control by her partner, Sarper G, on Season 5 of the show. Sarper reportedly dictates Shekinah’s diet, appearance, clothing, and makeup choices, showcasing a troubling level of control. Shekinah is allegedly influenced by Sarper’s voice messages, guiding her on how to behave, eat, and present herself, leading her to believe this advice is reasonable.

Sarper is portrayed as fixated on a specific physique for Shekinah, wanting her to adhere to his standards of beauty, including her weight and appearance. Despite initial doubts about their relationship, Shekinah left her life in Los Angeles behind to be with Sarper in Istanbul, highlighting the depth of her commitment.

Sarper’s behavior extends to public disrespect and allegedly pushing Shekinah into decisions she’s uncomfortable with, such as Instagram officializing their relationship and pressuring her to have his child. He also reportedly controls her diet remotely, directing her on what to eat and how to look via voice messages, demonstrating a concerning level of manipulation.

These revelations have sparked concern among fans and cast members alike, with some suggesting Shekinah may be unaware of the extent of the manipulation due to Sarper’s seemingly sweet demeanor towards her. As the season unfolds, viewers are left wondering how Shekinah will navigate this complex relationship dynamic and whether she will assert her independence or continue to be controlled by Sarper’s influence.

90 Day Fiancé Bombshell: The Dark Secrets Behind Sarper's Alleged  Brainwashing of Shekinah! - YouTube

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