90 Day Fiance: Drew Barrymore Show DELETES Angela Deem’s Interview After Severe Criticism!

Angela Deem has created a negative persona during her appearance on the 90 Day Fiance show. Her abusive and violent behavior has received criticism over the years. Hence, the celeb now has more haters than fans. But now it appears that Deem is facing consequences for it, as her interview recently got deleted.



Angela recently appeared on Drew Barrymore’s Show, which clearly didn’t sit well with her audience. This ignited their anger, and the show ended up deleting her interview. Is this true? But why did fans call out the show? What is this controversy all about?

90 Day Fiance: Angela Deem’s Interview Clip Gets Deleted

90 Day Fiance star Angela Deem has been making headlines for almost everything under the sun these days. Her relationship with Michael and the latter’s accusation of domestic violence have further fueled viewers against her. Hence, the celeb has been receiving heat from her audience for a while now.

Amid all this, Angela was invited for an interview on Drew Barrymore’s show. The latter posted a clip in which his co-host, Ross Mathews, was giving an introduction to Deem. He couldn’t stop gushing over Deem and said he had been “obsessed” with her throughout her entire reality TV journey.


Ross praised Angela for bringing “drama, the heart, the mayhem, the mischief, and the mema” to the reality TV world. The interview even featured a clip of Deem fighting with Michael and lashing him out. Fans clearly didn’t take this in a positive manner and called the show out for promoting the “villain” of the franchise.

The interview clip received several negative comments. Perhaps because of this, Drew ended up deleting the clip. InTouch recently confirmed that the show has taken down Deem’s interview clip after it received criticism from Angela’s audience. This came after there were comments like, “Majorly disappointed in The Drew Barrymore Show.” Someone even wrote, “Of ALLLLLLL the 90 Day cast, THATS who you chose?.”

90 Day Fiance: Fans Slammed Angela Deem For Showing Her ‘Fake’ Side

90 Day Fiance star Angela Deem is getting screwed up for almost everything. She even received backlash for posting a clip on social media. Apparently, the celeb recently shared a video in which she debuted her brand-new hair makeover. Deem opted for a blonde hairstyle with loose curls while she was singing a song.

However, viewers were quick to notice that Angela Deem had a filter on her video. She clearly edited her clip before sharing it, altering her wrinkles, eyes, nose, lips, and even her skin tone. Viewers were in disbelief and wondered why she wasn’t showing her real side to the world. They accused her of faking beauty on social media and disguising her audience.

Some fans even pointed out that Angela had undergone the knife uncountable times. She often goes for Botox sessions and is trying hard to maintain her youth. Yet Deem takes shelter from filters and isn’t willing to show her real face to the world.

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