Sister Wives: Christine & David Are Finally Going On Their HONEYMOON!

Love has been in the air since Christine and David met. They are the newest yet the sweetest couple in the Sister Wives family, and viewers aren’t able to get over the wholesome vibes these two have. The couple has entered into their happily-ever-after phase and now have decided to take another step in their marriage.



Christine recently revealed that she is finally going on her honeymoon trip. She disclosed some exciting details and added anticipation among her audience. Where is Christine going for her honeymoon? What is she up to now?

Sister Wives: Christine Reveals Her Honeymoon Plans With David Woolley

Sister Wives star Christine Brown has been flaunting her newly married life on social media. She is often featured travelling and enjoying her life with David Woolley. However, the couple never really got the opportunity to go on a honeymoon together. They did take trips after their marriage, but it wasn’t really a honeymoon.

Amid all this, now it appears that Christine is finally determined to go on a honeymoon. She recently took to Instagram and promoted one of her friends, who was a travel agent. The celeb revealed in her caption that, along with David, she has “finally scheduled” their “honeymoon.”


Christine further explained how she called her agent to help her out. Apparently, she and David had some plans in their mind and decided to consult with their planner. The couple got an estimate for their honeymoon trip, and they have all of the details regarding their trip in their hands.

Christine appeared to be really excited and happy. She admitted that now she knew every detail of her trip, and there wouldn’t be any kind of mess at all. However, Christine hasn’t revealed her honeymoon destination yet, and viewers are guessing where these love birds would prefer to go this time.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown Says David Woolley Is Her Forever Love

Sister Wives star Christine Brown never hesitates to express her love for David Woolley. She has always talked about how the latter has changed her life, and she is blessed to have him as her husband. The celeb again shared some beautiful snaps in which the couple was sitting together and watching a stunning sunset.


Christine wrote in her caption, “Every step of my journey brought me here.” She admitted that David was her “forever love,” and she was grateful for every moment that led to this new beginning of her life. The celeb appeared to be really satisfied with her married life and perhaps wasn’t able to put her feelings into words.

Fans have tears of joy watching Christine and David together. A user wrote, “You certainly found your soulmate.” Several viewers even praised the couple for making it to the aisle and proving that love has no age bar. However, they are now eagerly waiting for her to spill the tea regarding her honeymoon as they aren’t able to wait any longer.

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