90 Day Fiance: Luke’s Friend Exposes Madelein’s Reality! [Major Allegations]

90 Day Fiance fans have been watching the latest drama between Luke and Madelein. The former is a 30-year-old wealthy American guy dating his 19-year-old Colombian girlfriend. Their massive age difference isn’t the only problem between them. Luke has been sponsoring a luxury lifestyle for his girlfriend for a long time. However, he faced some financial issues after losing his high-paying job.

The newbie star has been very concerned about his finances before tying the knot. Hence, his friend, Brian suggested him for signing a prenup. Madelein was mad at her partner for bringing up the topic of a prenup and created a lot of emotional drama. Luke’s friend wanted him to protect his assets and take charge of his life. Now it seems that Brian made some major allegations about the Columbian native.

90 Day Fiance

90 Day Fiance: Luke’s Friend Accuses Madelein Of Cheating On Him!

90 Day Fiance stars Luke and Madelein have been butting heads about signing a prenup. The former has spoiled his girlfriend with expensive gifts and a luxury lifestyle. Madelein showed off everything that her partner had given her including an apartment, a dog, and a closet full of branded clothes.

Previously, she got mad at the American star for demanding a prenup. Recently, they met Brian and his girlfriend in the latest teaser. Brian explained that Luke was concerned about his money. He said, “So signing a prenup shouldn’t be the end of the world.” Madelein clearly told her partner’s friend that the decision was totally between her and Luke.

90 Day Fiance

Brian admitted that he didn’t trust Madelein and felt that he needed to expose her. Finally, he claimed that he lost complete trust in Madelein after a friend told him that he had spent one night in her apartment. The latter quickly denied it and asked him to repeat that. He stated, “You were topless while he was in the same bed as you.”

As per ET, Luke was shocked after the revelation and confronted his partner if she slept with another man. Madelein explained, “These people stay in my apartment and I have a party with them.” She admitted the truth but denied being naked with the guy. However, Luke wasn’t ready to believe her. Further, he wanted to return to the US for a break to figure everything out.

90 Day Fiance: Luke Wants To Prioritize His Happiness!

90 Day Fiance stars Luke and Madelein have been facing many truth bombs in recent episodes. The latter didn’t want to accept her partner’s financial issues. Hence, Luke decided to ask for a prenup after her manipulative tactics. He wanted to have full control over his assets before his marriage. The TLC star asked the Columbian girlfriend to sign a prenup. However, Madelein wasn’t ready for the conversation and manipulated her partner.

She stormed out of the room after accusing her partner of not trusting her. Luke admitted that his partner doesn’t make as many compromises as him. He stated, “I’m a pleaser and I wanted her to be happy. Moreover, he continued, “But I need to be happy as well.” Further, the 30-year-old felt that the dynamics in his relationship do need to change

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