90 Day Fiancè: Michael FINALLY Arrives in the United States (Exclusive)

Michael’s long-awaited arrival in the United States marks a joyous new chapter. Stepping off the plane, he exclaims, “We’re in the USA, USA, USA, baby!” Overwhelmed with emotion, he appreciates the chilly weather and dons a jacket. “Let’s see some patriotism,” he says, noting the significance of becoming a Nigerian American. His wife reassures him, checking his outfit for any dirt, and they share a laugh.

Reflecting on their journey, Michael acknowledges the challenges they faced and expresses deep gratitude for his wife’s unwavering patience. “She said she wouldn’t leave me until the visa was approved,” he recalls. The visa process, surprisingly quick, took just two weeks of administrative processing. With immense relief, they celebrate their success, exclaiming, “We’re finally home, sweet home!” The couple embraces their new life together in the USA, filled with hope and excitement for the future.

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