Sister Wives : Kody and Robyn Brown BIGGEST FIGHT with Mykelti Brown !

In a recent update, Mykelti Brown and her husband Tony discuss the significant changes in Kody Brown’s behavior over the years, attributing it to the fame and stress from the show “Sister Wives.” They express sadness over Kody’s transformation from a good father to someone driven by ego and control.

Kody has faced criticism for not being a good father, often forgetting significant events like birthdays and failing to mend relationships with his children, including Mykelti. The influence of the show and Kody’s desire for patriarchal dominance have caused a rift in the family, leading to increased isolation, especially after the death of their son Garrison.

Mykelti notes that her feelings toward Kody have become more conflicted as she watches past episodes, seeing the preferential treatment given to Robyn and her children. This tension has been exacerbated by Kody and Robyn’s refusal to let their older children visit Mykelti, despite her efforts to maintain a relationship.

The upcoming season of “Sister Wives,” expected in late August or early September, continues to portray a family facade despite the deep divisions and lack of genuine communication among family members. Mykelti’s reflections highlight the ongoing challenges within the Brown family and the impact of fame and control on their relationships.

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